The Note: Stop Reading Polls

"Republican Bob Corker wants to wait until the last minute to loan more of his personal fortune to his Senate campaign and thus delay Harold Ford Jr.'s right to raise more from individual donors, according to a letter from Corker's campaign chairman and accusations from Ford surrogates," writes Bartholomew Sullivan in today's Memphis Commercial Appeal. LINK

Harold Ford, Sr. (D-TN) is stumping for his two sons this campaign season. According to Halimah Abdullah of the Commercial Appeal, his involvement is validating rumors that Harold Jr. is just another extension of the "Ford political machine." LINK

. 2006: Senate: Virginia:

The Washington Post's Bill Turque profiles Sen. George Allen (R-VA) "whose style melds Ronald Reagan's optimism with George W. Bush's Texas swagger" focusing on the questions of racism that have plagued his campaign. LINK

The Washington Times' Seth McLaughlin and Christina Bellantoni report that Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder has thrown his support to Webb. LINK

The Washington Post's Maria Gold reports that both Webb and Allen have come out in support of No Child Left Behind; however, they differ on how the law has "played out." LINK

The Washington Post's Tim Craig and Lisa Rein report on the Webb and Allen campaigns latest stumping and support. LINK

Jerome L. Sherman of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette explains how Allen and Webb are courting the Latino vote. LINK

2006: Senate: New Jersey:

The NRSC doubles down on New Jersey. The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg writes up the $3.5 million infusion into the Garden State by national Republicans in an effort to knock off the one vulnerable Democratic incumbent in a Senate race this year. LINK

2006: Senate: Maryland:

The Washington Post's Matthew Mosk and Ann Marimow look at the debate between Republican Michael Steele and Democrat Benjamin Cardin, Maryland candidates for the Senate, and their possible lack of knowledge of the Maryland suburbs. LINK

The Washington Times' Brian DeBose and Jon Ward report that "Local black Democratic leaders will not attack" Steele "even as they campaign and appear in ads for his opponent." LINK

The Washington Post's Marc Fisher declares Steele the winner of yesterday's debate but questions his unavailability to reporters. LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward on the Steele-Cardin debate. LINK

2006: Senate: Michigan:

Ruby L. Bailey of the Detroit Free Press reports on Sen. Stabenow's (D-MI) surprise at her opponent's accusations that she was "ineffective," she said "I've never had anybody say that before." Brian Walton, a spokesman for the NRSC claimed that "she takes credit for simply showing up." LINK

The Washington Times' Charles Hurt reports that Republicans are seeing the gap close in Michigan between Stabenow and Bouchard. LINK

2006: Senate: Connecticut:

The Washington Post's David Broder pens a column arguing that the Senatorial election in Connecticut between Democratic candidate Ned Lamont, Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger, and Sen. Joe Lieberman will be the crucible on the war debate. LINK

2006: Governor: California:

A new poll shows that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) has an 18 point lead over his challenger Democrat Phil Angelides. The Los Angeles Times on the gubernatorial poll numbers, Proposition 84 and more. LINK

2006: Governor: Maryland:

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