The Note: Stop Reading Polls

The Washington Post's John Wager reports that the Maryland gubernatorial race is getting rough even as the candidates claim to be taking the high ground, with reports that Democrat Martin O'Malley had been arrested for a DUI while a law student and that Republican Gov. Robert Ehrlich scalped tickets in college. LINK

2006: Governor: Massachusetts:

The Boston Globe's Brian Ballou reports that former President Clinton "waxed nostalgic" for Worcester, MA while stumping for gubernatorial hopeful Devall Patrick. LINK

"'I love this city; the people have been very good to me,' Clinton said. 'When the Republicans tried to run me out of Washington, I came to Worcester, and 20,000 people greeted me.'"

2006: Governor: Michigan:

Gary Heinlein of the Detroit News discusses a campaign brochure blaming Gov. Granholm (D-MI) for the mistaken release of a murderer and pointing out that "at least six people are dead because of the Granholm administration's bureaucratic mistakes." LINK

Richard Wolf of USA Today Notes the economy is the main focus in Michigan elections this year. LINK

2006: Governor: Nevada:

Add this to your 2006 cycle scandal sheet. The woman who initially accused gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons (R-NV) of assaulting her went public with her account yesterday at a press conference and claimed that associates of Gibbons allegedly offered her a bribe and threatened her which, she says, led to her dropping of the charges. The Las Vegas Review Journal's Molly Ball has the story. LINK

Martin Kasindorf looks at the allegations dogging Rep. Gibbons for the Nation's Newspaper. LINK

Share the wealth:

"Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry, Democrats of Massachusetts, contributed $500,000 each on Wednesday to the party's Congressional campaign committees," reports the New York Times. LINK

The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish on the same: LINK

GOP agenda:

The Chicago Tribune's William Neikirk looks at GOP efforts to question the leadership ability of Democrats. LINK

Democratic agenda:

The AP's Jim Kuhnhenn reports that Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the GOPer in line to lead Senate Republicans, last month with a proposal to work together in a more bipartisan fashion. LINK

"The conversation was brief, and both agreed to meet again after the elections, aides to the leaders said. But it was significant because McConnell, in line to become Republican leader of the Senate next year, and Reid are both skilled infighters, well-schooled in the obstructionist tricks of the Senate. For Democrats, the offer recognizes that no matter the outcome of the election, Bush would be in the final two years of his presidency and Republicans might be more amenable to cutting legislative deals with Democrats."

USA Today's Susan Page on what Americans can expect if the Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives. LINK

2008: independent:

The New York Times' Chan on Michael Bloomberg's Chicago fundraiser for Sen. Joe Lieberman's reelection bid. (Be sure to Note how Lieberman and Bloomberg took different sides on the Schiavo incident.) While in the Windy City, Bloomberg also stood with Mayor Daley and trotted out the NRA for some rhetorical target practice in his effort to promote gun control legislation. LINK

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