The Note: Consensus Reached

Latino voters will take the polls this November with immigration very much on their mind. Nonpartisan groups have been registering large numbers of Latino voters in Arizona, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all states with key congressional races. Nicole Gaouette of the Los Angeles Times on Latinos having their say in on the immigration issue in the voting booth. Gaoutte gives short shrift to Latinos previous failure to vote in big numbers. LINK

The New York Daily News' DeFrank and Bazinet on the GOP "voter vault" and micro-targeting efforts to get its voters to the polls. LINK

The St. Petersburg Times gives a nod to the outstanding GOTV efforts of the Florida GOP, saying that although the Democrats have a lot to be optimistic about, the "mighty Florida GOP machine [is] revving its turbines, " write Adam C. Smith and Asjylyn Loder. "By some estimates the GOP's absentee-ballot program alone will ensure that Republicans wake up on Election Day with a 300,000-vote advantage over Democrats." LINK

2006: Campaign advertising:

Michael Grunwald of the Washington Post nearly has the courage to say it with full voice: most of the most negative, personal (and misleading) campaign ads recently and now have been run by Republican candidates. LINK

Amy Schatz of the Wall Street Journal Notes the difficulty of breaking through the nonstop negative ad clutter with many candidates going for the political jugular.

USA Today takes a look at "the brave new world of political ads in the Internet age." LINK

2006: House:

Lois Romano if The Washington Post profiles the woman who is on duty everyday and who makes everything work at the DCCC, Karin Johanson, executive director. LINK

2006: House: CA-04 and CA-11:

Jesse McKinley of the New York Times -- covering theater of a different sort -- writes up the tough reelection races Rep. Pombo (R-CA) and Rep. Doolittle (R-CA) find themselves in due to their connections to Jack Abramoff. LINK

2006: House: CO-05 and ID-01:

USA Today's Tom Kenworthy looks at the ways in which "party divisions" among Republicans have helped Democrats gain traction in "once safe bets in GOP country." LINK

2006: House: CT-04:

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman reports that Diane Farrell (D-CT) and other candidates are hoping to awake the "sleeping giant of American politics" that is Hispanic voters, who historically have not turned out in huge numbers. LINK

Joel Lang of the Courant tries to clear up any murkiness surrounding Rep. Christopher Shays' (R-CT) April 2003 trip to Iraq, after the New Republic reported that Shays didn't disclose any of the financial details of the trip. LINK

Here is Garance Franke-Ruta's New Republic piece: LINK

2006: House: FL-16:

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Joel Hood writes about the debate last night in Florida 16 between Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) replacement Joe Negron (R-FL) and Tim Mahoney (D-FL). The debate will not air until the weekend and it was the first between the two candidates. LINK

2006: House: IA-03:

Charlotte Eby of the Quad City Times covers President Bush's visit for congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti, raising almost $400,000. "Despite polls showing low support for the war in Iraq, Bush put the issue front and center." LINK

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