The Note: Weakness Attracts Those Who Are Waiting

USA Today lists the top lobbyist PACs that contributed to candidates. Leading the way -- the National Association of Realtors. LINK


In a Sunday column that made a plea for a "new direction in Iraq" and "more consensus on stubborn problems at home," the Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein had Bush/Schwarzenegger adviser Matthew Dowd saying that the success Schwarzenegger has had with a hybrid left-right agenda "should send a signal to anybody running in '08." LINK

2008: Republicans:

Al Hunt of Bloomberg News delivers an excellent read on Gov. Romney as the potential GOP '08er most attractive to "movement conservatives." LINK

The AP's Mike Glover had Gov. Romney's saying in Iowa over the weekend that "a lot of people are concerned about the ongoing conflict in Iraq, but they don't feel we should cut and run and they don't feel that a chance in leadership in their state is merited by what's happening nationally." LINK

"Romney and other GOP strategists have targeted western Iowa as a key region in the Nov. 7 elections. . . Those conservative voters weren't energized in 2000, and Democrat Al Gore carried the state. In 2004, GOP strategists prioritized western Iowa voters as President Bush carried the state and won a close race."

Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Herald reports on speculation of a Romey-Bush ticket in 2008. "Strategists said Jeb Bush, who has ruled out running for president or Senate himself, would bring name recognition and fund-raising power to Romney's ticket." LINK

New York Sun's Josh Gerstein considers Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) comments in New Hampshire on Friday when he Noted that "you need another 20,000 troops in Iraq. That means expanding the Army and Marine Corps by as much as 10,000 people." While Republicans have not openly "embraced his position," Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) called it a "fantasy." LINK

2008: Democrats:

The New York Post's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for 2006 (but not 2008) is a work of art. LINK

In his New York Post column, Dick Morris writes of Sen. Clinton's "flip-flop on gay marriage" and provides his "in the room" claim that her claim to have supported DOMA in the mid-90s as a strategic setup to defeating a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is a bit of rewritten history. LINK

In a story looking at Sen. Clinton's Friday comments about same-sex marriage, ABC News' Teddy Davis reports that when Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Hanley was asked whether the U.S. Senator from New York would vote for a same-sex marriage law if she were in the New York State Legislature, Hanley said: "She's not going to answer a hypothetical like that." LINK

"Clinton's spokeswoman would also not say whether the former first lady would consider New York's enactment of a same-sex marriage law a step in the right or wrong direction."

In a Lexington column that praises him as a "tough-as-nails professional," The Economist writes that Sen. Obama "is not a man who is above raising doubts, albeit subtly, about Mr. McCain's age or Mr. Romney's pandering to the religious right."

In his column on Sunday, Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun Times wrote that former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) stands to suffer most if Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) declares his plans to run for president in 2008. Novak also Notes that non-presidential candidates usually don't bring top campaign advisers to Sunday TV interviews as Obama did for his recent "Meet the Press" appearance. LINK

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