The Note: Stay on the Offense

Per the New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg, Democrats are quick to distance themselves from Kerry, including Democratic candidate Scott Kleeb, who's running for Congress in Nebraska: "This is an example of politics at its worst," says Kleeb. "Many of us have serious concerns over the current situation in Iraq, but no one should question the intelligence and dedication of our troops. Senator Kerry's remark was disrespectful and insulting." The duo also Notes that the White House released advanced excerpts of Bush's attacks against Kerry, which was "unusual." LINK

2006: Bush vs. Kerry part II: political reaction:

The Republican National Committee plans to launch a Web video today entitled "Apologize," which contrasts comments praising the troops from Sen. McCain and President Bush with Sen. Kerry's "botched joke" remarks from Monday and calls on Kerry to apologize to the troops for his comments. The words share the screen with images of American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

ABC News' Jake Tapper, Mike Callahan, and Avery Miller question whether Sen. Kerry (D-MA) "hand Republicans a November gift?" A Democratic congressman told ABC News, "I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too." LINK

The New York Post picks up on Tapper's money quote reporting. LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper profiles "Kerry v. Bush, take 2" in his blog.

Here's a link to ABC News' Jake Tapper's "World News" piece: LINK

For his GMA spot today, Tapper included this from Stormin' Norm Ornstein: "This is not fair, but what's fair in politics in the final week of a campaign?"

Democratic strategist predicts that the Kerry flap won't matter, reports the New York Daily News. LINK

The New Hampshire Union Leader's Riley Yates has New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan standing by Kerry's comments and said they were aimed at the President, while a Republican state representative called him "one of the worst Americans I can think of. . . If I saw him in the street, I'd bust him." LINK

Democratic House candidate Bruce Braley cancelled his Thursday event with Kerry, reports Ed Tibbetts from the Quad City Times. Braley, who is running against incumbent Rep. Mike Whalen in IA-01, is "not condoning the partisan bickering," said a campaign spokesman. LINK

The AP's Jennifer Loven on the canceled appearances: LINK

"Republicans said they intend to keep the pressure on," reports the Boston Globe's Rick Klein. LINK

2006: landscape:

National GOP money has all but come out of Pennsylvania and Ohio and has shifted to Connecticut and Florida, reports Bloomberg News, impacted Republican House members with names such as "Pryce" and "Weldon." Kristin Jensen and Michael Forsythe Note that NRCC spent money to protect 51 seats last week, with a big chunk of the cash going to Representatives Rob Simmons, Chris Shays and Nancy Johnson of Connecticut and Representative Clay Shaw of Florida, as well as to protect the Sarasota seat now held by Katherine Harris. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's John Harwood and Jackie Calmes report that a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows President Bush "getting better marks for his handling of the economy -- an issue Republicans are emphasizing in the run-up to Tuesday's vote" while Noting that "voters' anxieties about Iraq continue to dominate their concerns."

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