The Note: Stay on the Offense

"As part of their midterm election push, House Democrats are promoting a wide-ranging legislative agenda that would add tens of billions of dollars a year to the federal budget for the military, homeland security and education yet still impose a new budget restraint that would make it harder to widen the annual deficit," Weisman writes.

2006: House: NY-26:

New York Sun's David Gerlach writes on the huge snowstorm in NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds' district that could be instrumental in helping the embattled incumbent save his seat. LINK

2006: House: NY-20:

Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times-Union reports on the documents acquired by the newspaper claiming to show Rep. John Sweeney's (R-NY) wife called 9-1-1 last year as part of a 'domestic incident.' The Times Union is sure to include Sweeney's statement that the document is "not authentic" and it is "a concoction by our opposition." LINK

2006: House: CO-07:

The New York Times' Carl Hulse on Colorado becoming the new frontier for Democrats. LINK

2006: House: CT:

The AP's Andrew Miga reports, "Lieberman's coattails could carry the GOP incumbents to re-election and undercut Democratic hopes of majority control of the House." Republican Chris Shays Notes, "Joe is the kind of person who reaches across the political divide, and I am like that as well." LINK

2006: Senate: Tennessee:

First Lady Laura Bush campaigned for Republican Senate candidate Bob Corker yesterday and encouraged voters to make sure their friends voted while in Tennessee's conservative Williamson County, Notes the Nashville Tennessean's de la Cruz. LINK

The Nashville Tennessean's Wadhwani reports on faith's prominence in the Tennessee Senate race and how God, faith, and prayer continue to be used on the campaign trail. LINK

2006: Senate: Virginia:

In a story looking at a Democratic activist's claim of abuse at the hands of Allen staffers, the Washington Post's Michael Shear and Tim Craig have Webb spokeswoman Kristian Denny Todd saying: "'I have no idea who this guy is or what he was trying to accomplish,' she said. 'I saw the video, and from what I saw, he was wrestled to the ground by a bunch of Allen supporters so that is not very nice behavior.'" LINK

For the Washington Post's Style section, Michael Leahy looks at Sen. Allen still having time to toss around the pigskin despite the disappearance of his "fat summer lead of 16 percentage points." LINK

Politicians-cum-novelists. . . from Nightline last night -- Here is the Nightline video link -- LINK . . .

Here is the version of the story: LINK

Tapper: "Whether or not attacking this acclaimed novel" -- Webb's "Something to Die For" -- "is fair, if you're a politician and just days before your election you're debating whether a woman performing a certain sexual act on a piece of fruit is a legitimate cultural tradition in the Philippines, well my friend, I think you've strayed horribly off-message."

A ballot measure in Virginia that may help energize Christian evangelical voters may hurt Sen. George Allen's bid for reelection because black voters may show up to those polls, which would not be good news for Allen who is struggling to overcome question about his racial sensitivity, reports Christina Bellantoni of the Washington Times. LINK

2006: Senate: New Jersey:

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