The Note: Polls Versus Guts

Memphis Commercial Appeal's Marc Perrusquia reports that already "two people voted twice during early voting in Memphis." LINK

Jessica Fender of the Nashville Tennessean Notes that some voters had to stand in line for 40 minutes during the last day of early voting. LINK

2006: Senate: Arizona:

Robbie Sherwood and Billy House of the Arizona Republic write of the rise of Democratic Senate challenger Jim Pederson against incumbent Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ). LINK

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is pouring $1 million into TV ads in Phoenix and Tucson that take aim at Republican Kyl's ties to drug and oil companies and his support for President Bush and his administration and the Iraq war. "If Virginia is the Cinderella (story), then Arizona is the sleeper," Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said yesterday.

If you are interested in closely following the Arizona races, make sure to check the Arizona Republic's political blog "Plugged In" run by assistant editorial page editor Dan Nowicki as a great resource. LINK

The AP reports on Clinton's campaign visit to Tucson, AZ yesterday: "The atmosphere was more rock concert than political show, with jabs aimed at the G-O-P, President Bush and the war in Iraq. Clinton and Senate candidate Jim Pederson were joined on stage by Representative Raul Grijalva, District 8 candidate Gabrielle Giffords and Governor Napolitano." LINK

Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times on the $1 million last minute Democratic offensive push to capture the Arizona Senate seat and the GOP's $300,000 (with a bonus of President Bush and Vice President Cheney) defensive stand in Montana. LINK

2006: Senate: Montana:

Jim Gransbery of the Billings Gazette writes a full-report on President Bush's visit yesterday to Big Sky Country and Bush's repeated characterization that the war on terror "is a different kind of war" and the President Bush's belief that Democrats would undoubtedly raise taxes if they secured the majority in the House or Senate. LINK

Clair Johnson and Noelle Straub of the Billings Gazette write that Montana Democrats are (unsurprisingly) unconcerned about the electoral impact of Bush's visit. LINK

2006: Senate: New Jersey:

David Chen of the New York Times looks at Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) doing his part to keep New Jersey Democratic with his personal stake in a Menendez win. LINK

In a story looking at Sen. Menendez's efforts to bury his image as a "shady dealer," the Washington Post's Michael Grunwald depicts a "plump" Democratic Senator being complimented for his skill at rolling around "in the gutter" while trailing Tom Kean Jr. "like a mutt." LINK

2006: Senate: Pennsylvania:

Sen. Rick Santorum gives Sen. Clinton a meta bear hug in the form of a campaign ad. The New York Daily News' Kennedy reports on the "remarkable new ad aimed at making him look less partisan." LINK

Larry Eichel of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a lawyer in Virginia who had worked for the 2004 Bush campaign and the RNC was behind the mysterious mailer that got sent to some Pennsylvania voters saying that there was "no difference" between Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and challenger Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA) LINK

2006: Senate: Connecticut:

The New York Times' Janny Scott looks back at Sen. Lieberman's 2004 presidential run and sees the beginning of a path that has lead him to his current independent candidacy. LINK

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