The Note: "Nancy, It's George Bush."

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen pans Sen. Clinton's Council on Foreign Relations speech which he derides as a "no-news address lacking controversy, fresh approaches or even a single soaring sentence." LINK

Tea leaves:

If you're looking to the financial markets for some indication of today's midterm outcome, look no further than the announcement made just now by the Glover Park Group (a/k/a "the Democratic White House in exile and waiting," with Eskew, Feldman, Lockhart, Wolfson, etc.). The firm that has grown during a period of Republican dominance has at least one private equity group that believes that they are about to get a lot busier. Roll Call has the story. LINK

Note to Hill staffers of, uhm, either party who are about to lose your jobs: Chip Smith is accepting resumes today.

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