The Note: Not Proceeding Well Enough

The New York Times' Carl Hulse reports many already senior Senators are planning another run at their seat, including Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK). LINK

Outstanding House races:

Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) was named the winner in her race, but still faces a recount as she leads by less than one half of one percent reports Bob Driehaus of the New York Times. LINK

Political potpourri:

The Houston Chronicle reports that Hispanics "deserted" the GOP because of the war, the economy, and education. Immigration was not the most important issue, say some exit polls. Hispanics switched to Democratic candidates at double the rate as non-Hispanic voters, writes Michelle Mittelstadt. LINK

Incoming freshman Rep. Chris Carney, the Democrat from PA-10, may play an interesting role in the new Congress, especially if Democrats decide to investigate the Administration's handling of pre-war intelligence. Mr. Carney served as a Naval Reserve officer working at the Feith unit in the Pentagon responsible for analyzing much of that pre-war intel, reports James Risen of the New York Times. LINK

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