The Note: What if Hillary Clinton Said "Jose"

"One of the donors who met with Mr. Obama, and who spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to offend Mrs. Clinton, said that he and several others had supported Mrs. Clinton's Senate campaigns but were not committed to her as a presidential candidate," writes Healy.

"'I like Hillary a lot, but I'm also impressed with Obama -- his message, the way he connects to people,' said the donor, a prominent New York business person. 'It's a little too early for Democrats to be certain that Hillary is the strongest bet for 2008. There are a lot of good people interested in running.'"

(Whether or not Jonathan Mantz has already identified the source of the blind quote and reached out to that person remains unclear.)

Note, too, the Healy kicker, which had the tab scribes buzzing (along with some feelings of "is that all there is?" underwhelment):

"While Mr. Obama was warmly received by the dinner audience -- he won two standing ovations -- his performance was not flawless: at one point he referred to 'Jose' Posada of the New York Yankees instead of Jorge."

The Phil Singer and Jonathan Mantz hires by the Clinton camp get some play in this Obama story too.

The New York Daily News Obama coverage includes Chris Lehane and Hank Sheinkopf explaining why Sen. Clinton may need not worry about an Obama candidacy just yet. LINK

The New York Post's Haberman also includes the Jorge vs. Jose mistake. LINK

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser came away seemingly unimpressed with Sen. Obama, and records for history the most memorable moment of the evening, when the lights went out on the Senator's presser, as Tommy Vietor looked on with a patented combination of bemusement and world-weariness. LINK

Sen. Clinton reaches out:

"I'm In," blares the New York Post headline with an accompanying photo of Sen. Clinton.

Ian Bishop and Maggie Haberman of the New York Post write, "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday answered the question on everyone's mind - telling one New York lawmaker flat out: 'I'm really going to go for this.'" LINK

More Bishop/Haberman: "Another New York lawmaker said that during the course of their conversation, Clinton revealed she felt pressure to formally jump into the 2008 White House race sooner rather than later because other candidates are becoming increasingly active."

Per the Union Leader's John Distaso, Sen. Clinton has weighed in on a presidential run with calls to New Hampshire Democratic activists, gaining the support of veteran state and national party activist Karen Hicks. Distaso also reveals Clinton's telephone conversation last week with Gov. John Lynch. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont on Sen. Clinton reaching out to Iowa Democrats, including Bonnie Campbell, who worked in the Department of Justice during Bill Clinton's administration. LINK


The New York Times' Nagourney writes up some '08er travel schedules including the added book reading in Portsmouth, NH to Sen. Obama's schedule on Sunday. LINK

New Jersey's presidential primary is on track to move from June to February -- to the great delight of finance directors in each campaign, no doubt. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times blogs about the origins of Barack Obama and the buzz generated by his middle name, Hussein. LINK

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