Micro-managing the Way(s) Forward

At Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH gathering in New York City, Rangel described how "President Bush has finally realized that the best way to promote stability in the country is by increasing the number of jobs."

"'Not in Buffalo or Biloxi, but in Baghdad,' Rangel quipped."

Democratic agenda:

Weisman's look at Democratic plans to alter their "first 100 hours" agenda by dealing with the war in Iraq includes a dissenting voice from Democratic pollster Celnida Lake who says, "People are not looking to their individual members of Congress to solve the Iraq war. For the House to be focused on it now would look like partisan bickering rather than getting on with the people's business." LINK

Note the Emanuel transformation right within the confines of the piece!!

"Even as House lawmakers adopted the first-ever term limits for Democratic committee chairmen on Friday, several senior Democrats questioned the new constraints and suggested the matter will be reconsidered," reports Roll Call's Jennifer Yachnin.

Speaker Pelosi says repealing tax cuts for people making more than $500,000 is not off the taple, Notes the New York Post's Geoff Earle. LINK

The New York Daily News on same: LINK

Bush Administration agenda:

"Families earning more than $1 million a year saw their federal tax rates drop more sharply than any group in the country as a result of President Bush's tax cuts, according to a new Congressional study," writes the New York Times' Edmund Andrews, who Notes the report provides a little something for everyone. LINK

"The study, by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, also shows that tax rates for middle-income earners edged up in 2004, the most recent year for which data was available, while rates for people at the very top continued to decline."

Bob Novak reports that when Karl Rove recently appeared at Grover Norquist's weekly meeting of conservative activists on Wednesday he offered to bet anyone $5 that there would be no increase in the payroll tax base. But Bush, Novak writes, "has not unequivocally ruled out such a move, as he has any increase in the personal income tax." Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is described as "the source of most Republican apprehension." LINK

President Bush is under criticism from both the right and the left over what some are calling his Administration's broad use of anti-terrorism laws which wrongly label many asylum seekers as security threats. Darryl Fears of the Washington Post has the story. LINK

Leading Christian conservatives groups have joined forces to push President Bush and Democrats to agree on an immigration deal that would include strong border security, amnesty-like treatment for illegal immigrants already living in the U.S who are relatives of citizens, and an end to birthright citizenship, writes Charles Hunt of the Washington Times. LINK

2008: Republican:

In a story looking at Gingrich biding his time and conservative disappointment with McCain, Romney, and Giuliani, Time magazine's Karen Tumulty has Richard Land, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention's policy arm, saying: "At this point, if there is a candidate out there that has a chance to come out of the weeds as the dark horse, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was Governor Huckabee." Huckabee says "he senses that conservatives feel 'a need to coalesce around a person whose record matches his rhetoric.'" LINK

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