The Note: New Verse, Same As the First

The Washington Post's John Solomon and Lois Romano report that John Edwards recently sold his $5.2 million Georgetown home to Paul and Terry Klaassen, the wealthy founders of the nation's largest assisted-living housing chain for seniors. The Klaassens are "currently cooperating with a government inquiry in connection with accounting practices and stock options exercised by them and other company insiders. They are also the focus of legal complaints by some of the same labor unions whose support Edwards has been assiduously courting for his presidential bid." LINK

When Edwards sold his home, "the names of the buyers were not publicly disclosed. "At the time, Edwards's spokeswoman told reporters that the house had been sold to an unidentified corporation. In reality, the buyers were Paul and Terry Klaassen, according to several sources and confirmed by Edwards's spokeswoman yesterday."

Edwards aide Jennifer Palmieri told the Post that the former Senator "had not delved into the Klaassens' background: 'They left it to be done at arm's length, real estate agent to real estate agent.'"

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne salutes John Edwards for saying that he is "prepared to disappoint voters who make a balanced budget their top priority" since "health coverage and 'transforming the energy economy of this country' are first on his to-do list." LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

William Kristol writes in Time magazine that Sen. Clinton will spend the most of the next year navigating between being too moderate on the Iraq war for an antiwar nomination electorate, and going so far to the left as to mollify the electorate -- predicting her campaign will fail like Ed Muskie in '72 and John Kerry in '04 -- Democratic candidates with somewhat murky war positions. LINK

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun takes a look at Democrats who served in the Clinton Administration who are choosing candidates other than Sen. Clinton to support in the presidential race. No big surprises here and no trend of mass anti-Clinton defections -- Gerstein basically has the story backward. LINK

The New York Post's Maggie Haberman writes about that phone call from Sen. Obama to top Empire State Clinton supporter Carl McCall. LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

"Obama Plays 'Me, Too' Politics on Troop Cap," reports ABC News' Teddy Davis. LINK

The AP has Sen. Obama answering constituents' questions and eclipsing his top cheerleader, Sen. Durbin. LINK

On reconnaissance in Des Moines, IA, ABC News' John Cochran collects the thoughts of Hawkeye State residents on Sen. Obama's candidacy. Though they seem to feel they have a lot more to learn about Sen. Obama, his image is a positive one, though one resident did warn that his popularity with young people could be harmful "if he comes off as Mr. Cool." LINK

Cathleen Falsani of the Chicago Sun Times focuses on Sen. Obama's apparent difficulty defining his religion. LINK

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times explores Obama's Hollywood connections and his shoring up home state congressional support. LINK

Mary Anne Ostrom of the San Jose Mercury News reports on the enthusiasm for Sen. Obama in Silicon Valley, including the forming of a Valley-based PAC, "Obama For America". LINK

The New York Daily News' Michael McAuliff and Ken Bazinet pay way too much attention to the fact that Sen. Obama is leading the Democratic field in a new Zogby poll in New Hampshire. LINK

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