The Note: Looking Down at the Shoes of Life

In a recap of yesterday's news form the Libby trial, with the headline, "Ex Aide Says Cheney Led Rebuttal Effort" , the Washington Post's Carol D. Leonnig and Amy Goldstein write that yesterday's testimony and evidence portrayed Vice President Cheney "as a general on a political battlefield--enmeshed in tactics." LINK

Sketchy Dana Milbank scores the front page: LINK


Karen Tumulty leads Time's package on the 2008 race with Huckabee acknowledging he had to move up his decision-making timetable due to the more intense early start to the race. And, of course, lots of poll numbers to enjoy as well. LINK

Time's 8 keys to the 2008 race: LINK

2008: Republicans:

Former Gov. Paul Cellucci (R-MA) is backing Giuliani over Romney, reports the Boston Globe. LINK

2008: Republicans: Hagel:

In an interview with the Washington Post, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) said he is discussing his options with his family and other confidants and will make a decision in the next six weeks. LINK

He "joked" about "teaming up with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, "and also floated the possibility of joining a bipartisan unity ticket with a Democrat -- with his name first, of course."

2008: Republicans: McCain:

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal on state power broker George Dean Johnson signing on to Sen. McCain's finance committee. LINK

The Associated Press says that Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama will serve as Southeast co-chairman of Sen. McCain's presidential exploratory committee. LINK

The Los Angeles Times Norm Leavey reports that Sens. McCain and John Cornyn (R-TX) are working on "alternative legislation that would attach specific 'benchmarks to the White House plan."LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press flushes out the can-Giuliani-win-a-GOP-nomination question. Citing his general popularity and his "America's Mayor" mystique, she quotes Republican Alex Vogel who says, "The question is: Can you win a Republican primary a different way? History keeps saying no. But history has never presented us with someone whose favorability numbers are as high as Rudy's." LINK

2008: Republicans: Hunter:

The New York Times' Abruzzese writes up Rep. Duncan Hunter's (R-CA) throwing his hat into the presidential ring with the apparent intention to run as a pro-war, pro-life, pro-free trade Republican. LINK

Rep. Duncan Hunter announces his intentions for '08 (again), the AP reports. LINK

2008: Republicans: Brownback:

Scott Rothschild of the Lawrence Journal on Sen. Sam Brownback's (R-KS) support for a smaller troop increase in Iraq and his opposition to a Senate resolution which passed earlier this week. LINK

2008: Republicans: Tancredo:

The Hill's Klaus Marre looks at Rep. Tom Tancredo's (R-CO) call for an end to "race-based" caucuses. LINK

Washington Times on the same: LINK

2008: Democrats:

"Star Wars: Hollywood Split Over Top Dems," blares the New York Post wood. Niles Lathem and Ian Bishop of the New York Post have all the details on Spielberg diversifying his portfolio, Elizabeth Taylor's support for Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama's Hollywood buzz, and three upcoming (Feb. 11, Feb. 22, and Mar. 23) trips to Los Angeles for Sen. Clinton. LINK

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