The Note: One-Issue Politics

On the other hand, Cato's Dan Mitchell says economic conservatives "remain wary" of Gov. Romney's record on spending, reports the Wirey Harwood.

The Washington Post ed board writes Gov. Romney has a lot to do to convince voters that his transformation on abortion, gay rights and embryonic stem cell research is authentic, but adds that Romney should not be judged on the basis of his religion.LINK

After former Gov. Romney's wife opened up to ABC News' Kate Snow on "Good Morning America;" the Boston Globe does the wrap-up on Ann Romney's first dance with the media. LINK

Romney drives "home" his affiliation with Boston and Massachusetts at a fundraiser in the city last night, the Boston Globe reports. LINK

The Boston Herald picks up on Romney trailing Gingrich. LINK

2008: Republicans: Gingrich:

Ralph Hallow of the Washington Times writes about the "shadow" former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) casts over the 2008 presidential race. Republican communications strategist believes the reason that Gingrich goes unNoticed is because "the liberal press doesn't want to acknowledge that he casts a big shadow over the 2008 race." LINK

2008: Republicans: Brownback:

Of the Senate 2008 presidential hopefuls, Sen. Brownback leads the field in missed votes. Politico's Carrie Sheffield reports. LINK

The Kansas City Star re-runs a story today that originally came out in 1996, when Brownback first ran for the Senate, but it does give a good look at the reasons Brownback first got into politics. LINK

Mike Hendricks of the Kansas City Star opines this morning that Brownback is another flip-flopper on the abortion issue.LINK

2008: Republicans: Tancredo:

ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports on Tancredo's letter to the NFL Commissioner of the League's decision not to air a recruitment ad for the U.S. Border Patrol during the Super Bowl. LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper clears up the misunderstandings over Tancredo's smoking and the conflict with Rep. Ellison. LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News' Jake Tapper reports that Sen. Clinton "has secured the backing of Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team. LINK

". . . taking nothing away from Barack Obama, it's not a difficult decision -- I'm absolutely convinced Hillary Clinton will be the best president."

The Associated Press, eating DiStaso dust, reports that former Rep. Dick Swett (D-NH) and his wife Katrina, who is running for the Senate, along with former Shaheen aide Judy Reardon, are backing Sen. Clinton's presidential bid. LINK

The New York Post on Bill Clinton's initial public/private larger scale coin acts as would-be First Husband. The former President hosted a fundraiser for Sen. Clinton in a Manhattan residence and will host a bigger affair in March in Washington, the paper reports. LINK

Sen. Clinton goes "nuclear" on Giuliani, the New York Daily News reports. LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

ABC News' Jake Tapper reported this morning on "Good Morning America" about a recent poll that says that 84% say a black person running would not affect their vote. However, Tapper reported about the "15% lie" in the polls, which is to say race actually does play a role in how people vote.

After Sen. Obama skipped a Congressional Black Caucus meeting with President Bush, Tapper got an Obama aide to say: "He's trying to replace the president, not just meet with him." LINK

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