The Note: One-Issue Politics

Without a doubt, Vilsack was boffo on Leno. He joked smoothly with Jim Carrey; he got in his favorite stump lines (including how he is rock solid, not a rock star); had a good rapport with Jay; and got a huge ovation the second time he called for the troops to be brought back from Iraq. Iowa Radio's Kay Henderson on the local boy's 6-minutes on the big-time couch: LINK

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont on Gov. Vilsack's Leno appearance, which apparently disappointed some for lack of a governor-as-Winnie-the-Pooh photograph.LINK

On his post-Leno conference call with reporters, Vilsack plugged the New Republic's recent coverage of his campaign. LINK

In his coverage of Vilsack's "long road," TNR's Jason Zengerle writes: ". . . if a cynic suggests that Vilsack has a certain freedom to make this demand of Congress--since he himself doesn't actually have to vote on the issue--he gets a bit testy. 'I called every family who lost a loved one in the state while I was governor,' he says. 'So don't tell me I've got a free ride on this.'"

Rob Boshart of the Cedar Rapids Gazette was on Vilsack's post-Leno call and has the former Iowa governor saying: "Any time you get an opportunity to be in front of a national audience, especially an opportunity to show yourself as a regular person with an interesting life story and a position on an issue that's the issue of the day, it's going to help." LINK

2008: Democrats: Dodd:

The Washington Posts Jeffrey H. Brinbaum and Carrie Johnson explore Sen. Dodd's connection to the financial services community and how that has helped him gain a campaign war chest (for now) only surpassed by Hillary Clinton. LINK

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Dodd said the recent jockeying by the Senate disgusts him. "This was debating about debating, this was in my view the Senate and Congress at some of its worst in some ways. Both sides sort of enjoying this game at the expense of failing to come up with some clear direction for our Congress." John DiStaso of the Union Leader has Dodd's full story.LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

The Delaware News Journal's Nicole Gaudiano reports on Sen. Biden's intentions toward a new Iraq war resolution with a "a much narrower mission statement for troops in Iraq."LINK

ABC News' Teddy Davis and Matthew Zavala on the same:LINK

While appearing Thursday on Brooke Brower's "Hardball," Sen. Biden said that President Bush referred to Sen. Obama as "articulate" on the same day that the Delaware Democrat's controversial interview appeared in the New York Observer.

2008: Democrats: Gore:

Former Vice President Gore announced his "Live Earth" concert.LINK

The Bush vs. Gore Mall face-off is underway.

2008: Nader:

Former presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, is considering making another bid for the White House, but his decision will be made if Clinton get's the nomination. "She's just another bad version of Bill Clinton" Nader said in a radio interview.LINK

2008: Bloomberg:

Page Six has Mayor Bloomberg's respect for Aretha Franklin. LINK


Rob Christensen, Bill Krueger, and Barbara Barrett of the Raleigh News & Observer report that Sen. Edwards' lead has slipped in Iowa to a tie with Sen. Clinton, according to a Zogby poll, following the flaps over his campaign's bloggers.

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