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Vice President Cheney has left Afghanistan. ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports that when a suicide bomber attacked Bagram Air Base this morning -- apparently targeting Cheney -- the Vice President said he heard the explosion. After the explosion, Cheney was taken to a bomb shelter by Secret Service for a short period of time. He never altered his overall schedule and continued on to Kabul to meet with President Karzai.

More from the Associated Press: LINK

After the dismissal of a tainted juror Monday, deliberations in the Scooter Libby trial continue today.

Republican and Democratic Senators hold their weekly policy luncheons behind closed doors at 12:30 pm ET at the Capitol in Washington, DC. The key to watch for: can Harry Reid herd enough cats to get a consensus position on the way forward in Iraq?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears on CNN's "Larry King Live" at 9:00 pm ET. They key to watch for: does the Speaker enunciate a consensus view on the way forward in Iraq?

The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers -- a/k/a "the 536 Member -- writes: "Democrats face a crucial question as an Iraq war-spending bill begins moving through the House: Can Congress continue to fault U.S. policy from a distance, or must lawmakers take hold of it and risk owning the outcome?" LINK

"The new Democratic majority has followed the politically safer course of nonbinding resolutions and a Senate proposal to revisit the 2002 war authorization. But with action needed on a $93.4 billion Iraq-spending request, harping from the sidelines may no longer be enough to satisfy independent voters who looked to Democrats in the 2006 elections to effect real change."

For some versions of the latest Republican and Democratic talking points on funding the Iraq war, be sure to tune into the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing at 2:30 pm ET for testimony from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Iraq-Afghanistan War funding.

The 2008 must-read stories continue to flow like hot lava:

1. The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton's Senate financial disclosure forms were incomplete. LINK

(Note question: How could She allow this kind of sloppiness to happen when she knows she is going to be so closely scrutinized?)

2. The Boston Globe: Mitt Romney campaign memo leaked. LINK

(Note question: Who had the motive and opportunity to leak, and who does the document make most angry?)

3. Dick Morris, Eileen McGann, and the Washington Times postulate that John McCain is dead, while Bloomberg's Chen and Susan Page of USA Today simply float the Notion. LINK and LINK and LINK and LINK

4. John Edwards creates a general election record on Iran. LINK

(Note question: What would happen if a less -- or more -- "seasoned" candidate said something like this?)

5. On Rudy Giuliani's hot start in his presidential bid, New York Post columnist John Podhoretz, part of a grown/growing movement of mythology-creating conservatives, postulates that despite being pro-choice and signing legislation mandating benefits for gay couples, conservative Republican voters know that the former Mayor is one of them. LINK

And: "One of the early -- and quite amazing -- sidelights of the race for the Republican nomination for President in '08 is how so many prominent conservatives are lining up behind Rudy Giuliani, who has perhaps the slimmest conservative credentials of any of the major GOP hopefuls," writes John Gizzi of Human Events. LINK

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