The Note: Trouble, My Friend, Right Here

So if the answer isn't Gilmore, Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Frank Keating, or Mark Sanford -- who then?

6. Gov. Romney unloads on Giuliani in an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody. LINK

"He is pro-choice, he is pro-gay marriage, and anti-gun," Romney tells CBN. "That's a tough combination in a Republican primary."

In previous interview, Romney has eagerly differentiated himself from Sen. McCain but has held back from drawing contrasts with Giuliani.

Romney also says that the "attenuated attacks" on him are "so unusual" that he thinks it "proves that the media has determined who the conservative candidate is because they're going after me with hammer and tong and that's the way you would expect to go after the conservative candidate. And I'm proud of the fact that the mainstream media isn't wild about my candidacy and that's why I'm going to win."

On the question of whether he has flip flopped, Romney says: "That's the sort of thing that opponents are going to try and push and then you ask them to be more specific and they have a hard time being more specific or if they are specific it's on an item of such insignificance that you say of course I've changed my view on that. I've learned from experience."

2008: Republicans: McCain announces:

Apparently, Dan Balz and Adam Nagourney, among others, had some doubt.

The Washington Post's Balz writes that Sen. McCain "may have additional motives for using the late-night comedian's show, as he tries to rekindle some of the spontaneity and unpredictability from his first campaign. He cast himself as an insurgent politician in 2000, but this time, weighed down by a supportive position on the Iraq war that is out of step with the public even as he methodically woos the GOP establishment, he has struggled to project the buoyant personality of his first effort." LINK

In his announcement on Letterman, McCain said, "This is the announcement preceding the formal announcement. You know you drag this out as long as you can. You don't just have on rendition. You've got to do it over and over," reports the New York Times' Adam Nagourney. LINK

"The exchange was the latest example of how the customs of presidential campaigns are changing. Not all that long ago, an announcement was a defining moment in the evolution of candidates, in which they truly opened their campaigns. For 2008, on the other hand, candidates have been not only announcing but also preannouncing on Web sites and various television shows and in random interviews," Nagourney writes.

ABC News' Diane Sawyer lead "Good Morning America" with McCain's announcement.

Also on "Good Morning America," ABC News' Jake Tapper Noted Sen. McCain's use of David Letterman's couch for his announcement and pointed to some possible concern for McCain because of "white evangelical conservatives going into Giuliani's camp" according to the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll.

Dan Norwicki of the Arizona Republic his state's Senator's "pre-announcement" on Letterman. "[Sen. McCain's] not going to get aggressive follow-up from Letterman, and it's also a way to reinforce his image as a different kind of Republican," said John J. Pitney Jr. of Claremont McKenna College in California. LINK

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