The Note: From the Omni Shoreham to the Pettus Bridge

"Political observers, however, say the ruling is likely a moot point," writes the Chicago Tribune's John McCormick, "since a financial truce is highly unlikely in an era where political advertising, organization and travel are extremely expensive and both parties will be ferociously fighting for a White House with no incumbent." LINK

With Sen. McCain agreeing to accept public financing in the general election should he be the Republican nominee, unsurprisingly the Washington Post ed board writes that more candidates should say yes to Sen. Obama's challenge and help save the public financing system. LINK

The New York Times: LINK

An article in the Baltimore Sun by David Nitkin and Harry Merritt discusses the other side of Obama's racial makeup -- meaning his white mother's ancestry. Genealogical research suggests his ancestors on his mother's side owned slaves. Of course, in his book, Obama has acknowledged ancestral ties to Jefferson Davis so this doesn't seem all that shocking. LINK

Lynn Sweet reports in her blog for the Chicago Sun-Times that Sen. Obama is launching his Florida operation and has signed up Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) as his state campaign co-chair. LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

The New York Post says Eliot Spitzer may endorse Sen. Clinton. . . someday. LINK

Sen. Clinton plans to get a little help from rap mogul Timbaland when he hosts a fundraiser for her in Miami on the last day of first-quarter fundraising. The New York Post has the implications for Sen. Obama. LINK

Byron McCauley of the Cincinnati Enquirer bumped into a book touring Clinton campaign chairing Terry McAuliffe at a coffee shop in Cincinnati yesterday, and Noted his multi-tasking and his tie "which was so orange Stevie Wonder could see it." LINK

(The Macker's Syracuse pride is, of course, always visible.)

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

Sen. Edwards passes the million-dollar mark in Internet fundraising, reports Mike Baker of the Associated Press. Though this is somewhat shadowed by Sen. Clinton's massive fundraising efforts, Ross Baker of Rutgers University says, "She's not one person, she's two people. . . Edwards doesn't have to match her dollar-for-dollar - that's unrealistic. All he needs to do is stay competitive." LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper reports on an Edwards campaign virtual headquarters allegedly being vandalized by Republicans. LINK

The Denver Post's Chuck Plunkett writes on Edwards campaign stop yesterday in Denver, CO where he called on students to "take action". LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

Nicole Gaudiano of the Delaware News Journal reports that Biden is ranked fourth in the Senate for the most votes missed. Among presidential contenders, Biden trails only Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) for most votes missed. LINK

2008: Democrats: Vilsack exit interviews:

"Iowa polls are not accurate in terms of caucus support," complained recent non-candidate Gov. Vilsack, who feels that early polls did not reflect his campaign's strength, reports Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register. LINK

Gov. Vilsack insisted that money was the reason for ending his campaign, saying, "We were absolutely convinced, and I remain convinced and will as long as I live, that I would have won the Iowa caucuses based on the information that we had that is legitimate."

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