The Note: February Sanity

Lynn Sweet writes about Edwards' trip to Chicago to hit the "Dem ATM', mostly from trial lawyers. Although, Chi-Town is Obama turf, there is still a lot of financial support that is up for grabs. LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Sen. Obama's presidential campaign "could spur record voter registration among black voters the same way the Rev. Jesse Jackson's campaign did in 1984 -- though new registrants won't just 'miraculously appear,'" reports the Washington Times' Brian DeBose. LINK

2008: Democrats: Richardson:

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports on Richardson's belief that an earlier primary date in California can only help because of strong ties to the West. LINK

Richardson's signing of a bill in New Mexico that will allow the use of medical marijuana is drawing heavy criticism, but Richardson maintains it was the right thing to do, writes Jeff Jones and Trip Jennings of the Albuquerque Journal. "Sure I'll catch national grief over this," said Richardson, "but I don't tailor my style, or what I stand for, to primary states." LINK

Leslie Linthicum of the Albuquerque Journal has "Richardson Watch." LINK

2008: Super-Duper Tuesday:

The Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow has Romney spokesman Kevin Madden defending a closed Republican primary in California, saying, "Republicans want their party's nomination process to be a reflection of members of the Republican Party. I expect there to be a natural aversion from party activists to allow folks not registered in the party to influence the process." LINK

"'The current primary structure in California favors our ability to work congressional districts with our organization and to secure the votes and the delegates to win,' Mr. Madden said."

"The tightly controlled Giuliani campaign wasn't answering any questions yesterday about rules opening the primary in California or the Feb. 5 move."

"Ron Nehring, the state Republican chairman, said yesterday that he has not taken a position on whether to open the Republican primary to independents but that if a move to do that comes up at the September state party convention, he would make sure it 'gets a fair hearing.'"

The New York Times' Steinhauer covered Gov. Schwarzenegger's announcement and found "some flowery remarks and a good backdrop." LINK

ABC News' Tahman Bradley writes about the potential financial ramifications for the campaigns as they may need to adjust their television ad purchases in key states in the run up to the February 5th Super Tuesday. LINK

On "Today," Tim Russert said the rush of states to move earlier in the nomination calendar means that "this is going to be hotly competitive, with robust debates," and asserted, "no doubt about it, Iowa will become more important now" as it may vault its winner into locking up the nomination.

The Los Angeles Times coverage reflects similar analysis. LINK

2008: color:

ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports on Obama and McCain's agreement that the Florida Gators basketball team will be in the Final Four. Obama said that he thinks Florida will take it all -- again, while McCain thinks it will be the Tar Heels of North Carolina who emerge champions. LINK

2008: House:

President Bush pledged to House Republicans that the GOP will retake both congressional chambers and "hold the White House in 2008," reports the Washington Times' Joseph Curl. LINK

The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni on the GOP's offensive against Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA) starting early. LINK

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