Decisions Delayed


In Sunday's "target="external">Washington Post, David Broder was so bullish on McCain's recent debate performance he suggested that it was "the kind of performance that once would have kept (Fred) Thompson from running."

McCain begins his "No Surrender Tour" in Sioux City, Iowa, on Tuesday.

TiVo reminder:

Be sure to tune into Nightline at 11:35 pm ET for extended Petraeus coverage from ABC News' Martha Raddatz.

The kicker(s):

"You can surge all of the American troops you want, but they can't stop this. Suppose I'm a battalion commander. My troops ask, 'What do I do today, boss?' 'Let's go fight the Shia militias!' 'What do I do tomorrow?' 'Let's go fight the Sunni insurgents!' 'What do I do the day after tomorrow?' 'Let's go chase Al Qaeda!' 'What do we do the day after that?' 'We're going to guard streets!' Our kids are fantastic. But this is not sustainable. Our surge can work only with an Iraqi political and military surge." --Colin Powell on whether the surge makes sense (GQ, Oct. 2007)

"Um, no." --Donald Rumsfeld on whether he misses President Bush (GQ, Oct. 2007)

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