Rudy Guns for NRA Backing


Here's the story the Edwards campaign wants every Democrat in the country to read today. "The Era of the Red State Democrat will have suffered a very short reign if Hillary Clinton wins her party's nomination next year, at least according to the fears of some members of her party," National Review's Jim Geraghty writes. This from Dave "Mudcat" Sanders, an Edwards consultant: "Edwards has coattails; Hillary has anti-coattails."

More bad news for a Republican senator: "An Alaska oil contractor cooperated with the FBI by tape-recording phone calls with Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) as part of a public corruption investigation, a source familiar with the probe said last night," reports The Washington Post's Dan Eggen.

How's this for an all-star lineup? Conan O'Brien, Robin Williams, Bruce Springsteen, and Lewis Black are all on board for "Stand Up for Heroes: A Benefit for the Bob Woodruff Family Fund," to be held on Nov. 7in New York City. Three presidents -- Clinton and both Bushes -- are on the honorary committee for the event, which will benefit injured service members. Also on the committee: Senators Clinton, McCain, and Biden, Romney, former senator Bob Dole, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The kicker:

"I 100 percent believe she's a straight, heterosexual woman." -- Sean Kennedy, news and features editor of The Advocate, after her interview with Sen. Clinton.

"No, I may slit my throat." -- Former President Bill Clinton, joking with Jon Stewart about whether he can handle going from being president to being married to the president.

"This is a true Political Treasure sure to go up in value in the years to come." -- EBay item description for a 20-inch swath of "Larry Craig Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Toliet [sic] Paper." Bid was up to $11 as of 8 am ET today.


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