THE NOTE: Obama Blasts Clinton on Iraq, Iran


It's not just the money that should have the GOP worried -- what about the organizations? "The latest source of Republican heartburn: The size and scope of Democratic field organizations in Iowa and New Hampshire dwarf the on-the-ground operations of Republicans," Politico's Jonathan Martin writes. "This David vs. Goliath staffing mismatch is yet another sign of trouble for Republicans in the general election, said a veteran Republican strategist in Iowa, as it reflects sagging spirits among hard-core GOP activists."

Down the ballot, a couple of candidates are tying baseball to their political prospects. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., a lifelong Red Sox fan, will choose a supporter at random to accompany him to Game Six of the ALCS. "But this being Red Sox nation, there is this caveat: What if someone wins in four or five games?" writes the Hartford Courant's David Lightman. If the Sox win quickly, the winner gets to attend Game Two of the World Series with Dodd. And if the Sox lose to the Indians, "the winner gets to spend a day in Iowa or New Hampshire with Dodd," Lightman writes.

And Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., a Colorado Rockies fan, is using baseball (sort of) to determine whether he'll run for reelection to the House, even as he runs for president. Tancredo "has indicated he'll just wait until the end of the baseball season to make that decision," ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports. "It begs the question: How far does hometown baseball carry inside the 2008 ballpark?"

So when does a non-binding congressional resolution on a 90-year-old historical event create an international incident? When the words "Armenian" and "genocide" come together, as they have in a resolution approved by a House committee yesterday. "Unfortunately, some politicians in the United States have once more dismissed calls for common sense, and made an attempt to sacrifice big issues for minor domestic political games," Turkish President Abdullah Gul said today, per The New York Times.

It's a new congressional strategy for Democrats as they seek to end the war, AP's Anne Flaherty reports. "Congressional Democrats have put on the back burner legislation ordering troops home from Iraq and turned their attention to war-related proposals that Republicans are finding hard to reject," she writes. "The legislative agenda marks a dramatic shift for party leaders who vowed repeated votes to end combat and predicted Republicans would eventually join them."

Wondering what the Democrats' next move is on the war? On Sunday, ABC's George Stephanopoulos sits down with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on "This Week."

The kicker:

"To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, that great philosopher, this administration doesn't make decisions based on facts, it makes facts based on decisions." -- Sen. Hillary Clinton, loving the liberal base.

"One saxophone autographed by a former President of the United States." -- Search warrant released by prosecutors in the Norman Hsu case.

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