THE NOTE: Inevitability Equals Vulnerability for Clinton

Don't miss this from former senator Bob Kerrey (showing that he really does love his day job): "It's hard to make the case that a meeting with Bob Kerrey in 1993 ought to be redacted, other than for political reasons," said Kerrey, D-Neb. "If these documents were negative to [Clinton campaign rivals] Barack Obama, John Edwards or Rudy Giuliani, they would be out yesterday."

The Chicago Tribune's Mike Dorning travels to Little Rock and finds gorgeous inaugural ball gowns on display -- but an empty library reading room, with little paper available documenting Clinton's eight years as first lady.

"Documents that might shed light on the first lady's role in scandals such as the White House travel office firings, the fundraising scandals of the 1996 election and pardons received by people who made payments to her brothers Hugh and Tony Rodham remain closed," Dorning writes. "Also closed are papers that might provide insight into roles she apparently played in substantive policy debates such as the Clinton administration's reversal on welfare reform and its early reluctance to intervene in Bosnia and later decision to do so."

Not that the Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times has had much success with Obama's records. Politico's Mike Allen: "Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) dodged questions Sunday about releasing papers from his eight years as an Illinois state senator, and his campaign has not answered records requests from the state's two largest newspapers."

We welcome an old friend to the race for the White House: An "independent expenditure" organization is boosting a presidential candidate. And that candidate is . . . Sen. John McCain? McCain, as in, the Arizona Republican? As in a little bill called McCain-Feingold? And this is on top of that $3 million loan you're flirting with?

"It represents the first trickle in a flood of hundreds of millions of dollars that are expected to pour from all sides into groups reminiscent of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," Jim Rutenberg and David Kirkpatrick report in The New York Times. "Mr. McCain has crusaded for years against just this sort of unencumbered political spending and has publicly called upon the foundation to stop the advertisement, a request competitors say seems half-hearted and the group's leader has ignored."

"The group was started by Rick Reed, whose firm helped produce the 2004 Swift Boat advertisements that questioned Senator John Kerry's war record in a way that Democrats, and even Mr. McCain, said was unfair -- but, also, in a way that both sides agree did great damage to Mr. Kerry's presidential campaign," Rutenberg and Kirkpatrick write.

With McCain sparring with frontrunner Rudy Giuliani on torture, Bernie Kerik, and foreign-policy experience, ABC's Jake Tapper explores a friendship that a campaign is severely straining. In 2000, Giuliani, R-N.Y., refused to attack McCain even though he had endorsed George W. Bush, and "Giuliani and McCain are legitimate pals, friends since 1998."

"But in the past few weeks, the tone and tenor between the two seems to have shifted," Tapper writes. "What seemed almost like a non-aggression pact between them has been rescinded."

McCain's mother, Roberta, was never friends with former governor Mitt Romney, R-Mass., and she sure didn't sound like she's had many Mormon friends during her 95 years.

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