The Note: The Shrum Primary Color

7 days to the Inauguration


Today, the President has two closed-press meetings, one at the Pentagon at 9:45 am ET and the other with teachers at the White House at 1:15 pm ET.

Vice President Cheney delivers a speech on Social Security at Catholic University at 1:00 pm ET.

Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer discuss foreign court influences on American constitution law at American University at 4:00 pm ET.

And/but: says the Associated Press: "Bob Shrum, the veteran political guru who guided Democrat John Kerry's unsuccessful presidential campaign, is leaving his consulting firm to teach at New York University."

Per the Boston Globe, while the future of Shrum, Devine, and Donilon remains up in the air, we enjoy any Shrum mention that brings up his one-time status as the nation's top college debater. LINK

Kit Seeyle in the New York Times Notes Shrum's 26 Senate race victories." LINK

In the cosmological world of The Note, this is a big deal.

We were working on our analysis of "what it all means" when, lo and behold, we got an e-mail in the inbox that helped clear things up.

To: Bob Shrum

From: Gabe Pressman

Bcc: The Note

Re: Welcome to New York

As the dean of the New York political press corps, I've been asked to provide you with some helpful hints on how to navigate the political waters here in Gotham. You'll no doubt discover quickly that it's very different from Washington, DC.

1. There's no such thing as a "Jeff Plaut primary" or even an"Evan Stavisky primary" in New York. So, if you ever decide to get back into the game full time, you would still pretty much be guaranteed a monopoly on the whole uber consultant thing. (Unless of course you count the "Wolfson Primary.")

2. Don't listen to all those naysayers who will tell you that a power lunch at City Hall restaurant ( is trite or passé. You can still pick up as much good political intelligence there as you can at The Palm.

3. "Inside City Hall" on NY1 News is must-see TV for the chattering class here ( It's kind of like CNN's "Inside Politics," but it will never choose tsunami coverage or a "Security Watch" segment over a good piece of video showing Ed Skyler strong-arming a reporter as a lead.

4. Beware: Whatever political damage (lasting or fleeting) you think Rudy Giuliani may have suffered due to the Kerik flap, it has had no effect whatsoever on Sunny Mindel's influence around town

5. There are those in Democratic circles who think you may have botched the whole Hispanic outreach thing in the last presidential cycle. The Hispanic vote simply cannot be overlooked in New York. Seriously, if you are looking for restaurant recommendations above 110th Street, contact anyone from the Bloomberg advance staff — at this point they know that stretch better than most of the locals.

6. New York politics has its fair share of "strange bedfellows" too — just like DC. So don't act surprised if former spokespeople for Carl McCall, George Pataki, and Rudy Giuliani all join in one harmonious chorus to sing the virtues of a Jets stadium on the West Side.

7. Lucky for you, accessorizing with a scarf is still totally acceptable to the fashion mavens on Seventh Avenue. On the other hand, if you keep wearing the same scarf over and over, Lloyd Grove (remember him?) is going to have a field day.

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