The Note: 'Closer to 'Not' Than Yes'?

"'No one's ever paid attention to us before for the second go-round,' said Norm Sterzenbach, the state party's political director. 'I've never seen one of these where we didn't have a nominee by now. I really don't know what's going to happen.'"

Obama and Clinton Agree to ABC Pennsylvania Debate:

The Obama and Clinton campaigns agreed Thursday to participate in an ABC News debate in Pennsylvania prior to the state's crucial April 22nd primary.

Information about time place and location will be announced in the coming days.

Obama has also agreed to a participate in an April 19 debate hosted by CBS News in North Carolina. CBS is still waiting to hear if Clinton will participate.

In other news:

Bush talks about the economy in New York:

President Bush travels to New York on Friday to make 11:20 am ET remarks to the Economic Club of New York. He'll say that the benefits of the tax relief and economic-stimulus package should be felt soon, and the Federal Reserve is taking steps to encourage economic growth.

The President, who is expected to take a couple of questions following his speech, then travels to Camp David where he will spend the weekend.

Clinton questioned in Kalorama:

Clinton hosted several dozen members of Congress at her D.C. home on Wednesday and came under some sharp questioning by Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., an uncommitted superdelegate.

"Officially undecided on which candidate to back, Altmire said he asked Clinton what she expects superdelegates to do if" Obama "winds up winning the popular vote and more state delegates."

"Clinton replied that superdelegates exist for a reason and should use their own judgment about which candidate would be best in the general election. But Altmire said he is not so sure."

"'If Senator Obama is in that position, it's going to be very hard to overturn that,' Altmire, a freshman lawmaker from the western part of Pennsylvania, said yesterday. But he added: 'She's likely to do really well in my district and in Pennsylvania, so that's another consideration.'"

Obama releases earmarks, challenges Clinton to do the same:

After refusing since June to make public earmark requests from 2005 and 2006, Obama released all of his earmark requests on Thursday and challenged Hillary Clinton to do the same.

(Clinton's Senate office released a statement saying: "She has made public the funding she has helped to secure and will make public the requests she submits this year.").

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times highlights that Obama sought money for the University of Chicago Hospitals where wife Michelle worked before going on leave to campaign for her husband.

Obama forced to vote against version of his own spending plans:

Per the Washington Times' Stephen Dinan, Republicans forced Obama to vote on Thursday against "what they labeled his own $1.4 trillion spending plan, cobbled together from his presidential campaign promises."

"The Illinois senator looked over the chamber and demanded to know who orchestrated the stunt. Spotting [Colorado Republican Sen. Wayne] Allard, "[Obama] yelled to him, 'You working this hard?'"

Asked to explain what was going on in the Senate, Obama spokesman Bill Burton tells ABC News: "Allard introduced an amendment that mischaracterized Obama's proposals.  They're more interested in stunts than progress over there."

Obama's Iraq stance criticized by Bush veterans:

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