SNEAK PEEK: Cash Money Millionaires

In an election year, presidential candidates are required to file monthly reports with the Federal Election Commission. Midnight is the deadline for the campaigns to file their reports of receipts and disbursements for February.

We know the overall totals that Hillary Clinton ($35 million) and Barack Obama ($55 million) raised, but the FEC reports are where we get fun facts like what they spent their money on (haircuts, makeup, Hyvee grocery stores).

A few things to look for:

- Did Clinton lend her campaign more of her own money than her campaign has disclosed?

- How much of that $55 million did the Obama campaign burn through in 29 days during his win streak and as they laid the groundwork for the March 4 primaries?

- Mark Penn's February salary (so we can compare it to Geoff Garin's March salary in a month)

Some early numbers for those of you (ahem, us) who like stats and spent the day hitting refresh on the box scores on


Cash on hand: $25,002,762.30
Raised: $10,268,811.06
Spent: $10,601,168.37
Debt: $0.00


Cash on hand: $4.7 million
Raised: $6 million
Debt: $0


Cash on hand: $15,290,000
Raised: $3,940,000
Spent: $1,890,000
Debt: $0


Cash on hand: $32,805,724
Raised: $4,789,848
Spent: $2,460,248
Debt: $500,000

Michigan Mulligan

No progress out of Michigan today. The state senate adjourned around 2:00pm ET, and there was no action taken on a possible do-over primary there.

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports that Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R) said Thursday that "no progress is being made" on the current Michigan re-vote proposal.

"Without a valid and viable proposal, another primary in Michigan will soon not be an option," said Bishop.

Clinton stepped up her Michigan rhetoric today against Obama and was, dare we say, fired up and ready to go for another primary.

"I have as the Democratic National Committee has come out in favor of an effort to re-vote in Michigan. I do not know what Senator Obama is afraid of. But it is going to hurt our party and our chances in November so I would call on him to once again to join me in giving the people of Florida and Michigan the chance to be counted as we move forward in this nominating process."

Tivo Alert!

Obama spends a full hour with Larry King tonight on CNN. The interview was pre-taped from Beckley, WV, ABC News' Miller reports.

And John Edwards drops by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Keep an eye on. . .

whether Rev. Wright is used by the Clinton campaign in their wooing of superdelegates. The Senator herself did not deny that her campaign was pushing the story to argue against Obama's electability, ABC News' Eloise Harper reports.

When asked at a press availability in Terra Haute, IN if her campaign was pushing the Wright story to those remaining uncommitted superdelegates, Clinton ignored the Wright portion of the question. "Well my campaign has been making the case that I am the most electable, that I have said that for a year or more, that I am the person best able to make the challenges that our country faces as commander in chief."

When Clinton was then asked specifically if her campaign was pushing the Wright story –- she shrugged and took the next question, ignoring the reporter.

This evening, Clinton spokesman Doug Hattaway tells ABC News' Harper that Clinton "was and is unaware of anyone on the campaign pushing (the Wright) issue with super delegates. She wants anyone who is talking to super delegates to focus on our message, which is that she's best prepared to be president and beat John McCain."

When asked if Clinton has asked her surrogates and those reaching out to Super Delegates on her behalf to stay away from the Rev Wright issue specifically Hattaway said "Since she is unaware of anyone doing that, I assume it hasn't come up."

A poll from Fox News found that 72 percent of those polled had heard about the Wright comments and 35 percent have doubts about Obama because of his relationship with Wright (26 percent of Democrats and 27 of independents). The poll also found that 24 percent think Obama shares Wright's controversial views.

On the campaign trail. . .


-- 12:30 pm ET: Attends rally with voters, Portland, OR

-- 4:00 pm ET: Attends town hall meeting with voters, Salem, OR

-- 12:00 am ET: Attends rally with voters, Eugene, OR


-- No public events scheduled


-- 12:30 pm ET: Attends event with veterans, Charlotte, NC

-- 4:15 pm ET: Meets with seniors at event, Cary, NC

As for the Republicans. . .


-- No public events scheduled

At the White House. . .


-- No public events scheduled


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