The Note: Searching For Light

Sen. Sam Brownback and other members of Congress host a tusnami fundraiser sponsored by the conservative Leadership Institute tonight in Arlington, VA.

Rep. Mike Pence gets such a nice write-up from Paul Weyrich that it pushed this item into this section. LINK

James Dao channels Sarah Leuck and profiles Haley Barbour's brand of budget cuttin'. LINK

Marc Humbert apparently confirms details of Arthur Finklestein's "Stop Her Now" PAC. LINK

As does the New York Post. LINK

Siena College has good news for Sen. Clinton, and bad news for George Pataki. LINK

John Kerry does not blame himself for losing, which he tells Roger Simon along with other stuff. LINK

Simon's take on the state of the Democratic Party (with quotes from Anita Dunn, David Axelrod, and other smarty-pants types) is a must-read work.

Washington governor's race:

David Postman of the Seattle Times writes that Republican Dino Rossi is feeling good that a judge ruled his challenge to the election of Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) can go forward -- and he's telling everyone about it. Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges denied Democrats' motions to dismiss the case, saying that if Republicans could prove their allegations of illegal votes and errors, the November election could be nullified. However, Bridges also said if the election were nullified, he doesn't have the power to call for a new election. The trial date has not been set. LINK

Neil Modie of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes that Rossi got a little ahead of himself, however, in explaining what he'd do if the election were overturned, first saying he wouldn't accept the governorship by court order, then saying his first act as governor would be to ask the legislature for a re-vote. LINK


Republicans in Washington are urging Gov. Schwarzenegger to stick with redistricting the state legislature, and save redrawing congressional districts, fearing that new boundaries could threaten Republicans' control of the House, the Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas writes. LINK

Jane Norman of the Des Moines Register looks at a Drake University report that says Iowa Democrats' emphasis on absentee votes helped John Kerry lose Iowa to President Bush. Republicans better targeted their supporters who would show up to the polls, writes Prof. Arthur Sanders. John Norris, Kerry's national field director, argued it was the air war. Gordon Fischer said they're both right. LINK

States are scrambling to meet election improvements for the midterm elections, AP reports. LINK

President Bush disavowed knowledge of Jose Canseco's p.e.d. charges, the New York Daily News reports. LINK

He did not disavow a public and endearing display of affection for his wife in church, however. LINK

Stick with Luke, Lorelai:

For any reader who feels The Note has not paid sufficient obeisance to the myriad joys of Charlie Rose, C-SPAN, Jon Stewart, Johnny Apple, Belinda Carlisle, pie, campaign high jinks, Howard Deanesque Easter Egg hunts, and the complete works of Sy Hersh, we direct you to the Gilmore Girls, which also bests us in whiplash repartee, love triangles, and the prominent display of a lavish Marc Jacobs wardrobe. Plus, Rory and Paris should seriously consider reading The Note. 100th episode tonight, 8:00 pm ET on the WB. LINK

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