The Note: Advice and Dissent

David Rogers of the Wall Street Journal, in his trademark meticulous style, follows up on the National Journal's reporting about Tom DeLay's trip to Europe with Jack Abramoff, and one gets the sense that Mr. Rogers has the bit in his mouth on this one.

Judicial politics:

The Washington Times' Charles Hurt looks at the long-time-coming hearings for Terrence Boyle, President Bush's nominee to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals -- and the very even-handed comments by Judiciary chairman Arlen Specter about bipartisan blame for escalating fights. LINK

In a Washington Post op-ed, Sen. Robert Byrd outlines the specifics of the "nuclear option," what it's designed to do and the purpose of how the Senate was designed (leave the rough stuff to the House) -- without the objectionable comparisons he drew earlier in the week. LINK

The House of Labor:

Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times highlights the end of the AFL meeting and the next/last stand of President Sweeney. LINK

The Washington Post's Harold Meyerson paints a fairly bleak picture of two angry union camps coming out of the AFL-CIO meeting, with threats of disaffiliation being thrown around as SEIU makes noise to exit and points fingers at AFL president John Sweeney. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Nancy Cleeland looks at what the fights over territory say about the cracks in the united front. LINK

Gov. Dean:

Note to Laura Gross: get this Grand Rapids TV station to find a new file photo of your principal. LINK


A must-read if your name is "Sheekey," "Clanton," or "Weiner": the New York Times Jimbo Rutenberg lets you know what happens when Roberto Ramirez conducts a fundraising meeting over an open phone line after leaving a short voice message for a reporter and then failing to actually hang up the phone. LINK

Note to Roberto (and Bluestein): y'all are SO lucky nothing worse was said!!!

And you foolishly thought it might not come after all. The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan and Noam Levey write that Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn hit his opponents with both barrels with a negative ad up yesterday knocking challengers Bob Hertzberg and Antonio Villaraigosa for seeking a drug trafficker's early release from prison. Villaraigosa went after Hahn for "corruption" and "scandals" in his administration, and Hertzberg went after Hahn on principle of his ad, with a side of slam on schools, taxes, and cops. LINK

Sen. John Kerry:

Andy Miga of the Boston Herald writes up the "word" that was put out that Sen. Kerry raised money this week for Sen. Clinton, and plans to party down in Boston tonight for Edward M. Kennedy. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Sen. Clinton gets a very positive clip in the New York Daily News for her Armed Services work: "In a rare Washington moment, something actually got done yesterday on Capitol Hill, where Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) won agreement from military bureaucrats to stop messing with the pay of wounded troops." LINK

According to Ann Lewis of Sen. Clinton's PAC, the Senator will attend a fundraiser in Manhattan tonight for her campaign (not the PAC). The event will be hosted by Democratic bigwig Hassan Nemazee at his apartment. When asked the size of the event and the nature of the group, Lewis politely told ABC News: "The names of all donors will be made public in our regular filing. As is our practice, we don't get into any other details before then."

And practice makes perfect.

2008: Republicans:

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