The Note: Image Nation

McCain will be touring an aerospace and defense plant in Detroit on Wednesday, with a 2:15 pm ET public event.

Obama continues his weeklong Hawaiian vacation.

Meanwhile, the President and First Lady will participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Secretary of War suite, at 10:25 am ET.

Also in the news:

Of texts and subtexts: ABC's Kate Snow offers up the new McCain Web ad. "Notice anything? The women praising Obama are all white," Snow reported on "Good Morning America" Wednesday. "Some ad watchers saw the same thing in the Britney-Paris McCain ad. Are the images an accident? Not usually."

Those tapes Mark Penn referred to just weren't that interesting: "The answer, according to former Clinton aide, is a set of tapes from Obama's Chicago days, showing him taking positions more liberal on issues from Cuba to marijuana than the ones he says he's always had," Politico's Ben Smith reports. "They ran on ABCNews and in the Washington Times, but didn't have much impact."

A veepstakes tidbit: Former rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, "has been rumored to be on John McCain's list of potential running mates, but says he hasn't been asked for the financial information required as part of a candidate's background check, and doesn't expect to be," per Eric Berman of WIBC radio in Indianapolis.

The John Edwards story won't go away: "A Texas publicist who says she was Rielle Hunter's confidant when her secret affair began with John Edwards is convinced the ex-senator fathered her friend's baby," per the New York Daily News. "She would not have a child with someone that she didn't love -- and she loves him," Pigeon O'Brien, "who says she was pals with Hunter for 20 years until they lost touch a year ago," told CBS.

Sally Quinn is upset -- with Elizabeth: "The problem is, SHE LET HIM DO IT. She not only agreed to his run for the presidency, she encouraged him to do it, knowing the toll it would take on the family given her health problems. But, worse, she let him do it knowing that he had had an affair," Quinn writes for Newsweek. "Yes, I want to smack John Edwards across the puss. But more than that I want Elizabeth Edwards to do it for me. Not just for me but for all of us."

A Barna Group poll is getting buzz in the religious/political community. "Among the 19 faith segments that The Barna Group tracks, evangelicals were the only segment to throw its support to Sen. McCain. Among the larger faith niches to support Sen. Obama are non-evangelical born again Christians (43% to 31%); notional Christians (44% to 28%); people aligned with faiths other than Christianity (56% to 24%); atheists and agnostics (55% to 17%); Catholics (39% vs. 29%); and Protestants (43% to 34%). In fact, if the current preferences stand pat, this would mark the first time in more than two decades that the born again vote has swung toward the Democratic candidate."

Writes David Brody, of the Christian Broadcasting Network: "The McCain campaign CAN NOT be satisfied with thinking Evangelicals and conservative faith voters will vote for McCain as long as they thoroughly demonize Obama. It won't work."

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