'Bill Kristol's Musings'

Gen. Colin Powell told ABC News on Wednesday that he will not be going to the Democratic National Convention, disputing a suggestion made earlier in the day on the Fox News Channel by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

"I do not have time to waste on Bill Kristol's musings," Powell told ABC News. "I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear."

After telling ABC News by phone that he would not be going to the Democratic National Convention, Powell ended the conversation without entertaining any follow-up questions as to whether he would be crossing party lines to endorse Obama.

Citing unnamed people who have "talked directly to the Obama campaign," Kristol told the Fox News Channel on Wednesday that "Colin Powell will endorse Senator Obama and he may well give a speech to the Democratic convention explaining his endorsement of Obama."

When asked about Kristol's suggestion that Powell might attend the Democratic National Convention, former Reagan White House Chief of Staff and Powell confidante Ken Duberstein took a swipe at Kristol.

"Consider the source," said Duberstein, referring to Kristol who once served as a top aide to Vice President Dan Quayle. "He was the person who advertised himself as Dan Quayle's brain. Colin Powell has no plans to attend either convention."

While Powell was emphatic about his intention not to attend the Democratic National Convention, his endorsement in the presidential race remains an open question.

The Kicker:

"I strongly recommend that people who don't find humor in that: relax, turn off the computer, and go on out and get some fresh air . . ."

--John McCain to NPR about those who do not like his Paris Hilton ad attacking Barack Obama

On the campaign front. . .


-- 5:00pm ET: Aspen Institute Conversation with Walter Isaacson. (2004 Presidential Results, Pitkin County: 30.1% Bush, 68.4% Kerry)


-- Continues his vacation in Hawaii and has no public events scheduled

At the White House. . .


-- No public events scheduled.


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