The Note: Oh, Somewhere in This Favored Land the Sun Is Shining Bright

The New York Times Notes that Freddy Ferrer's insistence that his remarks on the Diallo case have been consistent is at least somewhat "justified," but in the miasma of racial and Democratic politics in New York City, a shift in emphasis means so much.

"The reaction to Mr. Ferrer's remarks highlighted the delicate task he faces as he tries to build a coalition of black and Hispanic voters and at the same time reach out to whites. Polls have shown him ahead of the other Democratic candidates and also having more support than Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. But the treacherous ethnic and racial politics that helped undo his last campaign for mayor in 2001, when he came in first in the Democratic primary but lost in the primary runoff to Mark Green, appear to be resurfacing." LINK

The New York Post calls it a "big-time blunder." LINK

Jim Rutenberg has an "expansive" and revealing interview with Mayor Mike Bloomberg on religion. LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Jenkins reports that as a gubernatorial candidate, Virginia Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine "will campaign as the candidate to uphold Warner's centrist legacy of 'fiscal responsibility,' a man who would protect taxpayers while maintaining state services." Or, as VCU's Robert Holsworth said, "'as Mark Warner's little brother.'" LINK


Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-MD) announced yesterday that neither he nor his wife plan to run for Sen. Paul Sarbanes' Senate seat. LINK


The U.S. House got involved in the Schiavo case yesterday, passing by a voice vote a measure to delay the removal of the Florida woman's feeding tube. LINK

Bob Novak asks Jude Wanniski whether he still considers Mitch Daniels a faithful tax-cutter. LINK

The Washington Post's David Broder writes that the highly controversial Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 has been less than successful at reigning in spending on programs like No Child Left Behind, Medicaid, and overhauling the nation's voting equipment. LINK

The Seattle Times' David Postman reports that the Washington state GOP's list of felon voters may be way off because it includes people tried as juveniles who didn't lose their right to vote. LINK

AP reports that there's not much support for a new gubernatorial election in Washington. LINK

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft will be a part-time professor at Pat Robertson's Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA starting April 4, USA Today's Richard Willing reports. LINK


Elisabeth Bumiller tells USA Today: "it's not my job to be popular . . . " LINK

Bloomberg has smartly hired the impressive Ken Fireman to lead its Washington coverage of government from its well-positioned bureau near the White House. He will oversee a team of reporters and editors that is 33 strong. Fireman, of course, has been working for Newsday for the last 17 years, with eight in DC and time on the last two presidential campaigns and on the Casa Blanca beat. And, as anyone paying attention knows, he is a Wayne Stater!!! Congratulations.

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