The Note: The Clash

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Also in the news:

An Obama score Tuesday: "The wife of Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel plans to endorse Democrat Barack Obama. Lilibet Hagel has scheduled a 10 a.m. news conference in Alexandria, Va., on Tuesday with Susan Eisenhower, the daughter of Republican President Eisenhower," per the AP's Bob Lewis.

Praise from the Duke: "This is a much better campaign than I ran in 1988, and I'm impressed," Michael Dukakis tells Steve Kornacki of the New York Observer. On McCain: "They're desperate, they're slipping, and all of that stuff. So here we go." On Palin: "This is a pathetic selection."

So long as McCain wants to go back in time . . . "GOP presidential nominee John McCain has past connections to a private group that supplied aid to guerrillas seeking to overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua in the Iran-Contra affair," the AP's Pete Yost reports. "McCain's ties are facing renewed scrutiny after his campaign criticized Barack Obama for his link to a former radical who engaged in violent acts 40 years ago."

Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel and Cecile Dehesdin: "Since the mid-1980s, there's been almost no attention paid to John McCain's long-ago association with a controversial group implicated in a secretive plot to supply arms to Nicaraguan militia groups during the Iran-Contra affair. But now, with the Republican presidential candidate stepping up his negative blitz against Democratic opponent Barack Obama, some Democrats are hoping that the group -- the U.S. Council for World Freedom, and its founder, John Singlaub -- will become for McCain what Bill Ayers has become for Obama: a fleeting past association used as ammunition for political broadsides."

A Biden fact-check: "During last week's debate with his counterpart on the Republican ticket, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Biden twice gave himself credit for shifting U.S. policy on Bosnia," The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler writes. "But, despite the bravado, Biden was not a key player in the legislation that ultimately forced Bill Clinton to lift an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations on Bosnian Muslims fighting the Serbs, according to congressional officials involved in the issue and a review of Biden's speeches and voting record."

"Troopergate" update: "Todd Palin will answer a series of questions from a legislative investigator by mid-week -- but only in writing, and with the answers funneled through his lawyer, the McCain-Palin campaign said Monday," Kyle Hopkins writes in the Anchorage Daily News.

More from the Palin files: "Several tax experts said they believe Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is required to pay federal taxes on $25,000 in reimbursements from the state of Alaska for her children's travel expenses," Mary Jacoby and Jesse Drucker write in The Wall Street Journal.

Oh yeah -- the economy. "Collapsing confidence and buckling financial markets sparked talk Monday that Congress may need to resume work soon on emergency measures to shore up the economy," The Hill's Alexander Bolton writes. "On the first weekday of recess, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging more than 700 points in intra-day trading, economists and market experts questioned the benefit of the $700 billion rescue package enacted just last Friday."

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