The Note: Sun Will Come Out

Langer continues: "Part of Obama's advantage comes from his campaign's ability to turn out early voters; 27 percent say they've already cast their ballots, a strongly pro-Obama group, 59-40 percent. Among first-time voters, moreover, Obama has a nearly 2-1 advantage; many of them are young, and young voters are his strongest supporters."

What's left in the arsenal? "With one day to go, Democrat Barack Obama appears to have rebuffed recent GOP efforts to label him as 'too liberal' or too big a gamble," Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta report in The Washington Post. "The McCain campaign, meanwhile, has countered with improved outreach into the tossup states, neutralizing what had been a big advantage for the Democrat 10 days ago. More than a third of all voters in the six states The Post calls 'up for grabs' -- Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Montana, Missouri and Indiana -- said they have heard from the McCain campaign in the past week. That is up sharply from the third week of October and on par with the number who have been contacted by Obama's campaign."

Florida, Florida: "Leading slightly in the polls and banking on a cushion of early votes, the Democratic ticket is trying to position Florida as the backbreaker of McCain's presidential bid," per The Miami Herald. "Democratic nominee Barack Obama plans to close out his campaign Monday in Jacksonville, a heavily Republican area, while McCain will finish in Tampa Bay, an enclave of swing voters."

Early voting ended in the Sunshine State, strong: "More than a third of the state's registered voters have cast ballots for Tuesday's election, according to numbers released Sunday by the state elections division," Mike Brassfield writes in the St. Petersburg Times.

In North Carolina: "With early N.C. voting completed Saturday, 466,000 of 869,000 new voters (people who registered to vote since Jan 1, 2008) have cast ballots. That's a startling new voter turnout rate of 54 percent, with Election Day yet to come. Previously registered N.C. voters are turning out at a 40 percent rate," per the Charlotte Observer.

In time for closing messaging? "Barack Obama's nuanced position on same-sex marriage is on full display in an MTV interview which is set to air on Monday," per ABC's Teddy Davis, Sunlen Miller, Tahman Bradley, and Rigel Anderson.

"Obama told MTV he believes marriage is [between a man and a woman' and that he is 'not in favor of gay marriage.' At the same time, Obama reiterated his opposition to Proposition 8, the California ballot measure which would eliminate a right to same-sex marriage that the state's Supreme Court recently recognized," they report.

Is there time to make this a campaign issue, too? "A phalanx of liberal think tanks and interest groups -- anticipating a Democratic victory on Tuesday -- are mobilizing to push Sen. Barack Obama to the left of his campaign positions," Corey Dade reports in The Wall Street Journal. "Left-leaning activists are trying to replicate the surge of conservative interest groups under the Reagan administration that shaped Republican politics for the next three decades, staking out positions well to the left of how Sen. Obama has tried to define himself near the political center."

Obama weighs in on the aunt who's in the country illegally: "If she has violated laws, then those laws have to be obeyed," he tells CBS' Katie Couric.

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