The Note: Gonna Do Him Good?

That other unresolved seat: "Minnesota won't know who won the contested U.S. Senate race until at least mid-December, but now the final arbiters for the recount have been named," Patricia Lopez reports in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "They include a cast of heavy-hitters topped by Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, a former law partner of Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, three other high-ranking judges and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a DFLer, who made the selections Wednesday."

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., briefs reporters in Washington on the recount in Minnesota -- and the latest out of Alaska and Georgia -- at 1 pm ET.

Whither the GOP:

From the annals of rebuilding: a strong play by RNC Chairman Mike Duncan -- both to keep his job, and make his job worth something.

At the Republican Governors Association meeting, Duncan is announcing a pair of lawsuits challenging McCain-Feingold: "The fight over redistricting, and the ability of Republicans to compete in future state and local races is at the heart of the RNC's decision to challenge the six-year-old campaign finance system in federal court," Duncan plans to say, per excerpts provided to ABC. "The current campaign finance regime hand-cuffs national parties from helping non-federal candidates. Of the tens of thousands of campaigns in the United States every four years, the RNC is capable of assisting candidates in only a fraction of them."

The Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow, focusing on the "McCain" half of the law's name: "The move is considered a slap in the face of the Republican Party's failed 2008 presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who was dramatically outspent by Democrat Barack Obama, and of President Bush, who signed McCain-Feingold into law in 2002."

And Gov. Sarah Palin is at the RGA in Miami -- headlining a morning panel Thursday and holding a press conference later in the day.

" 'Looking Toward the Future' -- that's the title of the panel discussion Palin will appear at [Thursday] She'll likely talk about the future of the party," ABC's Kate Snow reports. "But a lot of people in the room will be wondering if that title isn't just a little bit autobiographical as well."

The New York Daily News' Celeste Katz finds "a hint of a chill in the air" in Miami for Palin: "The conference is also a showcase for up-and-coming Republican governors who might want a crack at the Oval Office themselves, including Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty, Florida's Charlie Crist and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal," Katz writes. "And none of them was putting up Palin lawn signs."

Who is this a statement on? "We're the marketplace party, and the marketplace just told us something, it just told us that for now people prefer the products and services of our competitor," Pawlenty told ABC's Matt Gutman. "We need more than a comb-over in this party; this is gonna take a lot of work. And you cannot be a majority governing party losing all the Northeast, losing most of the Great Lake states."

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