The Note: On Track, Off Track

The rest of Obama's national-security team is taking place: "Democratic sources tell ABC News that President-elect Obama appears to be turning to two retired four-stars for his National Security Adviser and his Director of National Intelligence," ABC's Jake Tapper and Martha Raddatz report.

"Marine Gen. James L. Jones (Ret.), the former head of NATO and U.S. forces in Europe, has emerged as the leading candidate to serve as the National Security Adviser for President-elect Obama," they report. "Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Pacific Command and a 6th-generation naval officer, has emerged as the top candidate to be President-elect Obama's Director of National Intelligence. He recently met in Chicago with the president-elect."

At Public Strategies, Inc., Dick Keil rounds up some names: Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack for Agriculture, former Mississippi Gov. Ray Mabus for Education, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., very much in the mix at EPA. "If Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is selected to head the Environmental Protection Agency, as informed Democrats say is likely, corporations will have more work to do complying with new environmental laws and executive orders promulgated by the Obama administration," he writes.

Pritzker is out, after (briefly) being in at Commerce: "The same business holdings and connections that made Ms. Pritzker so vital to Mr. Obama's ability to raise campaign money also came under sharp scrutiny. On Thursday, she released a statement declaring that she would not be a candidate for the job," Charlie Savage writes in The New York Times. (And the rest of the story explains why vetting wasn't necessary to take her out of consideration.)

"Nomination for a Cabinet post would impose significant scrutiny and financial disclosure requirements upon a powerful businesswoman who oversees a portion of her family's giant financial empire, which includes the Hyatt Hotel chain but also ranges from construction equipment to a credit data company," The Chicago Tribune's Mike Dorning reports. "Although the Pritzkers are prominent philanthropists in Chicago, the family is famously publicity-shy about its business dealings."

At this point, it's worth remembering that not a single one of the people mentioned thus far has been formally confirmed to have been offered anything by the president-elect himself.

On cue, from the Obama-Biden transition team: "Today, President-elect Barack Obama will hold private meetings in Chicago. Vice President-elect Joe Biden will be in Delaware. There are no public events scheduled."

The illusion of control, or actual control? "Top aides to the president-elect had hoped to take a methodical approach to selecting and unveiling their new team, starting with the announcements of top national security and economic players shortly after Thanksgiving," Shailagh Murray and Chris Cillizza write in The Washington Post. "But leaks and rumors have disrupted that plan, suggesting that the 'no-drama Obama' mantra famously repeated by his staff may not be as operational in Washington as it was at campaign headquarters in Chicago."

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