The Note: I Made It Through the Night

Dr. Ralph Reeder (not to be confused with Mr. Ralph Reed!!), a Siouxland neurosurgeon, told Frist he recently returned from a national conference where he found a lot of discouragement among his colleagues on the issue of "malpractice insurance." Reeder also stole the spotlight momentarily to highlight Iowa's status as the lowest in the nation for per capita Medicare reimbursements.

With the possible dual title of Dr./Mr. President again conceivable in 2008, a non-so-subtle utterance was made during his introduction. "He hasn't said whether he's going to run for president, but don't be surprised if you see him in Iowa a lot over the next few years," chaffed Iowa's own Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Noelle Straub of the Boston Herald looks at the amount of PAC money Gov. Mitt Romney has raised outside Massachusetts in the last few years, total contributions in Iowa as well as four other states were roughly $300,000. LINK

Darn it, Kieran, we are tired of switching Gov. Pataki between our 2006 and 2008 section, so please help the man make up his mind.

This weekend, Pataki heads to California to address a center-right GOP group as part of its 2008 contender series and throws in a fundraiser or two. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Sen. Joseph Biden will speak at the Florida Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson dinner on June 11 in Hollywood, FL.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's AIPAC conference role gets Daily News ink. LINK

And Bill Richardson gets Bolton ink. LINK


USA Today's Martha Moore and William Welch explore the intriguing possibility of a Weld gubernatorial bid in 2006, Noting the long tradition of New York being open to, even adopting, politicians who've been successful elsewhere. LINK

Joyce Purnick Notes that carpetbagging candidates have long histories in New York, but carpetbagging winners (with HRC a major exception) do not. LINK

Former congressman and NAACP president Kweisi Mfume, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Maryland, is facing allegations in a confidential NAACP report that he gave raises and promotions to women with whom he had close personal friendships, the Washington Post's Matthew Mosk and Cheryl Thompson report on the front page. LINK

Former Rep. Bob McEwen is throwing in to succeed the man who beat him 12 years ago -- Rep. Rob Portman (R-OH), Roll Call reports.

Dino Rossi will not challenge Sen. Maria Cantwell in Washington State. LINK


Antonio Villaraigosa finds himself on the defensive over $31,000 in campaign donations from workers at a Florida-based company, after having gone after incumbent Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn for accepting contributions that were questionable, the Los Angeles Times' Richard Fausset and Jennifer Oldham report. LINK

The New York Times' Leslie Kaufman has a balanced and interesting look at Mayor Mike and his approach to the city's homeless problem. LINK

While Jim Rutenberg Notes that Bloomberg really, really "The Tonight Show" back in NYC. LINK

More poll woes for Freddy Ferrer; he's tied with Virginia Fields per Marist. LINK


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