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In case you missed the Friday post-5:00 pm ET announcement of David Axelrod and Chad Clanton leaving Freddy Ferrer's mayoral campaign, the Daily News' Michael Saul reminds all you weekday readers about it by drafting a quickie profile (accompanied by an extreme expectations setting headline) of the talented Jen Bluestein who has replaced Clanton as Ferrer '05 communications director. And make sure you read all the way to the bottom to absorb Howard Wolfson's exuberant endorsement. LINK

We now wonder which political observer (without the bias of Bloomberg supporter Ed Koch) will be the next to predict Ferrer won't make the runoff and which Democratic candidate will be the first to attempt to make the (anti-Dean like) case that Ferrer has damaged himself too much to be electable in November.

And Ms. Bluestein got right to work defending Ferrer's calling Bloomberg a "patsy for the Republican Party." LINK

At what point in the cycle will Mayor Bloomberg realize just how fuzzy that political/governmental line really is? And will the members of the press corps make their appeals for answers (irrespective of the classification of the event) to the campaign's Bill Cunningham or City Hall's Ed Skyler? LINK

Bloomberg was able to keep Brooklyn's Rev. Bernard in his corner despite Democratic candidate attempts to woo him away this time around. LINK and LINK

The New York Times editorial page likens Mayor Bloomberg to Ahab and the Jets stadium to Moby Dick. LINK

The New York Post's Frankie Edozien offers up a longish profile of Manhattan Borough President and mayoral contender C. Virginia Fields. LINK

He plays up her biography, experience, and strong political skills, but also includes this:

"Many like her. Many more voters love her. Few are loath to openly criticize. But there are critics."

"'She doesn't run a tight ship. There is not a clear direction of what you want to get done. Things get dropped in the middle for any number of reasons,' said one former longtime top aide."

New York Magazine's Greg Sargent explores the uphill battle "online entrepreneur and all-around techno-noodge" Andrew Rasiej is waging to unseat Betsy Gotbaum as Public Advocate. Rasiej's number one campaign issue: universal wi-fi (even in the subways). LINK

On Sunday, David Broder reminded his readers why the gubernatorial races in New Jersey (could create a Democratic power bloc of big-state governors) and Virginia (testing whether the momentum gathered in 2004 with Republicans picking up five new seats continues) are important. LINK

House of Labor:

The Washington Post's Tom Edsall on Sunday looked at the messy fight brewing within organized labor, as the presidents of the Service Employees International Union, Teamsters, Laborers, and Unite Here have demanded that their members' names be taken off the AFL-CIO's master list of 13 million households. It's the latest blow to the federation presidency of John Sweeney, who may face a challenge from Unite Here's John Wilhelm on one side and a threat from SEIU's Andy Stern to pull out on the other. LINK

The Schwarzenegger era:

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