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Dean Murphy of the New York Times attributes the governor's popularity decline to this: "While each of the protesting groups has a different gripe with Mr. Schwarzenegger, they have united in depicting him as an uncaring, partisan Republican doing the bidding of big business. According to the polls, the message seems to have resonated with Democrats and independents, who together accounted for the sharp decline in Mr. Schwarzenegger's standing." LINK

"With polls showing Schwarzenegger's once gaudy approval ratings skidding below 50 percent, the governor is using the hot-button immigration issue to reconnect with conservative voters," wrote John Wildermuth and Mark Martin in Sunday editions of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' George Skelton isn't even bothering to hide his scorn for Gov. Schwarzenegger's approach, and focus on illegal immigration as a lifeline. LINK

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times' Robert Salladay took a look at Gov. Schwarzenegger's familiar return to the issue of illegal immigration as polls show the actions of groups opposing his agenda succeeding in dragging down his poll numbers. LINK


Former Attorney General John Ashcroft is starting a new Washington, DC-based consulting firm, the Ashcroft Group, LLC, with David Ayres, his former chief of staff from DoJ and the Senate. Juleanna Glover Weiss, the hostess with the mostest with an exceptionally impressive resume of her own, will leave Clark and Weinstock to join them. The company will offer strategic consulting, security and internal investigative services, and crisis counseling to major domestic and international corporations as well as other organizations, and will advise clients regarding both domestic and international issues in homeland security and law enforcement; corporate compliance and investigations; antitrust and intellectual property protection; and strategy on matters involving the intersection of business and government.

Never out of the loop, Al Kamen has more: LINK

As does The Hill: LINK

USA Today's Laura Parker lays out the details of the ongoing fight over the Washington state gubernatorial race, even with Christine Gregoire having been in office nearly four months. LINK

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is doing his part to help, stopping in Seattle over the weekend to raise money for the legal bills. LINK

"The Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is aggressively pressing public television to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias, prompting some public broadcasting leaders -- including the chief executive of PBS - to object that his actions pose a threat to editorial independence," three reporters of the New York Times write today. LINK

"In late March, on the recommendation of administration officials, Mr. Tomlinson hired the director of the White House Office of Global Communications as a senior staff member, corporation officials said. While she was still on the White House staff, she helped draft guidelines governing the work of two ombudsmen whom the corporation recently appointed to review the content of public radio and television broadcasts."

"Beth Courtney, president and chief executive of Louisiana Public Broadcasting and one of three non-Republicans on the nine-member board, said there had been no chilling of journalistic efforts. 'What we should look for are the real actions,' she said. 'We shouldn't speculate about people's motivations.'

Mr. Tomlinson unsurprisingly does not seem to like Now with Bill Moyers.

A correction from the Wall Street Journal: "FORMER VICE PRESIDENT Al Gore has used a Treo hand-held device with the GoodLink wireless email system since switching from a BlackBerry almost three years ago. Mr. Gore is an investor in Good Technology Inc., the closely held Santa Clara, Calif., concern that sells GoodLink. A page-one article last Monday said Mr. Gore has a BlackBerry."

And now, we have ducklings. LINK

Make way.

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