The Note: A Bee to a Crying Face

Though McCarron's disaffiliation in 2000 left him with fewer friends inside the AFL-CIO, it in many ways catalyzed the movement to change. His chief complaint: the AFL-CIO had too much bureaucracy and devoted too little to organizing new workers at a time when labor's share of the workforce was rapidly declining.

Union presidents will vote on the overhaul proposals at the AFL-CIO convention in Chicago, which begins July 25.


Write Alan Judd and Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Ralph Reed delivered what was expected as a consultant to two Alabama anti-gambling campaigns: victories over proposals for a state lottery and video poker, and donations totaling $1.15 million." LINK

"But Reed didn't tell the campaign organizations -- and, he insists, he didn't know -- that the money came from a Mississippi Indian tribe trying to protect its casinos from competition."

David Postman of the Seattle Times reports that at the trial over the gubernatorial election that begins next week, Republicans will allege fraud -- via stuffed ballot boxes or stolen valid ballots, and Notes, "[t]hey haven't shown specific evidence of either of those things." Regardless of sides, however, King County was a mess. LINK

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