The Note: Intraparty Love and Warfare

Please consider this our formal request for a press friendly "Joe Mercurio" type in each and every 2008 battleground state.

The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg continues to add up the Bloomberg dollars spent on campaign advertising thus far, as the Mayor buys another $1 million for another week. Jimbo also includes some gripes from the less affluent campaigns. LINK

Fish-n-chips Karen Hicks is set to go head to head with Michael Whouley (now with Anthony Weiner), as she joins the Gifford Miller team. LINK

The New York Daily News' Michael Saul has the fruits of a Gifford Miller editorial board with his paper and reports the city council speaker has yet to decide whether his kids will go to public or private schools. LINK

The Hill's Savodnik looks at the potential impact Sen. DeWine's involvement in the filibuster compromise might have on his son's chances at filling the seat once held by Rob Portman in the House. LINK

The Washington Post's Michael Shear Notes Gov. Mark Warner's appearance (!!) at a gala honoring him and raising close to $1 million for Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's gubernatorial campaign. LINK


The New York Post's editorial board uses Jeanine Pirro's decision to forgo a reelection campaign this year because of future political plans as a peg to try and pressure Sen. Clinton to reveal her future political plans. LINK

"If re-elected, will Clinton ditch her Senate seat -- or even keep it, as Sen. John Kerry did his -- and launch a presidential race? More to the point, will Sen. Clinton be candid with the voters in '06 about her plans for '08? Stay tuned."

The New York Times' Peter Applebome mentions Karl Rove TWICE in his ruminations on a possible Pirro-for-Senate campaign. LINK

Kate Sheehy and Fred Dicker of the New York Post take a long-ish look at the Al and Jeanine Pirro relationship. LINK

Democrat Mike Gronstal announced yesterday that he will soon announce whether he's giving the Iowa gubernatorial race a go. LINK

Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times had a Mitch Bainwol sighting yesterday; he was in Florida raising money for Charlie Crist's gubernatorial bid. LINK

The Hill reports on Nancy Pelosi's efforts to steer top-tier Democratic donors (who have already maxed out on giving to campaign committees) to races featuring 10 vulnerable Democrats. LINK

The Rosen trial:

Soaking up what could be his last couple of days of Southern California sunshine, the New York Post's Ken Lovett writes up the prosecutor's cross-examination invocation of the "Lazio lectern approaching soft money" pledge from 2000. LINK

The New York Times' Leslie Eaton, possessed of a Jaime Sommers-quality ear, heard Rosen speak "confidently and eagerly in a deep voice." LINK

Josh Gerstein writes that Rosen's late admission that he did know early about a grand jury may have harmed his credibility with the jury. LINK

2008 Republicans:

The New York Post's busy Fred Dicker reports on some large contributions made to Gov. Pataki's Virginia-based 21st Century Freedom PAC and Notes trial lawyers don't solely give to Democrats. LINK

And with his right hand, Sen. McCain, per the New York Times, unveiled his "much-anticipated proposal for a Clean Sports Act on Tuesday . . . " LINK

The New York Times' ever-droll uptown gal Jennifer Steinhauer tracks Pataki chief of staff John P. Cahill's first two weeks on the job at the World Trade Center site. LINK

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