The Note: June Comes in Like a Lamb

Former Sen. John Edwards said in Nashville Saturday that he has not decided whether or not he'll run for the presidential nomination in 2008, AP reports. LINK

Sen. Evan Bayh's J-J dinner address in Indianapolis Saturday night featured plenty of Bush-bashing and plenty of Bayh 2008 signs (not officially sanctioned, apparently). LINK

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, like Edwards, hits the ground in Iowa next month, AP reports. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Boston Report talks with organizations opposing abortion who are liking Gov. Romney's shifting language on the issue, but are waiting to see if the possible '08 candidate can stay on board with his message. LINK

Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara skewered Gov. Romney (R-MA) in her Sunday column demanding he fully explain to the Massachusetts public any change in his thinking and/or beliefs surrounding abortion. LINK

"You may have one foot out the door, but you are still the governor of Massachusetts. If your thinking has changed, you owe us a substantive conversation about the nature and the cause of that change. Certainly, you owe us more than scripted statements, accompanied by a robotic refusal to elaborate."

Romney entertained the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women at their Lilac Convention Friday evening, reported the Manchester Union Leader's Garry Rayno. In what we imagine was quite a fragrant room, Romney quipped about everything from John Kerry's tanning habits (recycled joke) to how a Republican official survives in a state with a serious case of the Blues. Wisecracking aside, Mitt made reference to the recent abortion confusion: he does not condone it, but will uphold Bay State's standing rules. He also said couples should marry for the kids (leaving same-sex marriage partners with a little predicament): "marriage isn't about the rights of adults. Marriage is about raising children, and every child has a right to have a mother and a father." LINK

The Arizona Republic curtain-raises Sen. McCain's Michigan visit today. LINK

New York campaign diarist Patrick D. Healy writes up Gov. George Pataki's Laura Bush-esque send up of himself. Boffo review!!! LINK

The New York Times' Carl Hulse took a Sunday Page 1 look at Leader/Sen./Dr. Frist, hanging tough and declaring victory in the long run over, well, everything. LINK


"With only a couple of days to go before voters head to the polls, the seven men who want to be the Republican nominee for governor of New Jersey accused one another yesterday, in their last televised debate, of distorting their respective records and proposals over property taxes, corruption and home rule," writes David Chen in the New York Times. LINK

"And without fail, the five candidates who are trailing in the polls reserved their sharpest criticisms for the two men who are far ahead: Douglas R. Forrester, the former mayor of West Windsor, and Bret D. Schundler, the former mayor of Jersey City."

Talk about natural tightening! On this eve of the New Jersey GOP gubernatorial primary, Quinnipiac University released its latest poll numbers. "The New Jersey Republican primary for Governor is too close to call, with 35 percent of likely Republican primary voters backing Douglas Forrester and 33 percent backing Bret Schundler, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today," says Quinnipiac's release. The margin of error is +/- 5.4 percent.

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