The Note: You Can't Always Get What You Want

"ABC News was not able to find any references to Gray throwing documents into a river in the committee's final report or anywhere else as Lenzner, Bradlee and Bernstein claimed. Ed Gray acknowledged that his father destroyed 'Watergate-related evidence' -- since 'anything in Howard Hunt's safe' at the White House would fit that definition -- but insists his father did not destroy investigative files from the FBI or anywhere else, as Lenzner claimed. And as Patrick Gray has acknowledged publicly, his method of destroying potential evidence was burning, not drowning."

"Gray's son argued that the files his father destroyed were not legally relevant to any of the Watergate crimes and notes that his father was never indicted or convicted of any criminal wrongdoing in the Watergate investigation."

Read the whole thing.

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten interprets the Bush Administration's reaction to the Felt revelation. LINK

2008: Republicans:

"Mark McKinnon, the Austin political consultant who oversaw the advertising for President Bush in the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, has committed to help Sen. John McCain in a second presidential bid."

"Mr. McKinnon -- one of the president's closest friends and confidants and a frequent mountain biking companion – met with the Arizona Republican over lunch this spring in the Senate dining room to discuss his support, said a GOP activist familiar with the meeting," writes G. Robert Hillman of the Dallas Morning News. LINK

Both McKinnon and John Weaver make the appropriate remarks saying they aren't focused on a 2008 presidential bid right now.

McKinnon is also careful to include a Jeb Bush/Condoleezza Rice caveat where he would "review his options" if either one of them decided to jump into the race.

Today's installment (the first of four) of Fred Siegel's new book on Rudy Giuliani appears in the New York Post today and focuses on the crime busting, squeegee guy removing, bureaucracy bashing new mayor who believed the ungovernable city was quite governable. LINK

The New York Times' John Tierney praises Jeb Bush's Florida voucher program. LINK

Roll Call's Ben Pershing reports that Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is making the rounds to Iowa and New Hampshire this summer.

2008: Democrats:

David Lerman of the Hampton Roads (VA) Daily Press writes that Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA), despite playing coy on his 2008 aspirations, heads to Iowa today to talk to students, parents, and teachers about revamping America's high schools in a forum for Des Moines public television. Warner steps down from his post as the chairman of the National Governors Association in July (when the summer meeting, coincidentally, is in Iowa), Lerman Notes. LINK


In analyzing the refusal of Sheldon Silver to capitulate to a West Side stadium, the New York Times' Charles Bagli and Michael Cooper write, "In his pursuit of the stadium, the mayor failed to reckon with the power of the little-known state board, which is controlled by Albany's three leaders -- Mr. Silver, Mr. Bruno and Gov. George E. Pataki. Without a unanimous decision from the board, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority could not transfer the land, and the state could not contribute its half of the $600 million public subsidy. Because Mr. Silver and Mr. Bruno each ordered their representatives on the board to abstain -- the equivalent of a no vote -- the project cannot go ahead." LINK

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