The Note: You Can't Always Get What You Want

"Mr. Bloomberg could not overcome Mr. Silver's determination to fight for his downtown district, which has never recovered the economic vitality it held before the terrorist attacks. Aides to the mayor, saying they were baffled by Mr. Silver's vote, said they had offered him any number of incentives to keep businesses downtown, including commercial rent tax exemptions and penalties for moving from downtown to the West Side."

David Seifman's New York Post political analysis of the mayor's failed attempt to secure a West Side stadium leads thusly: LINK

"As humiliating defeats go in politics, it would be hard to find one to top the ignominious end to Mayor Bloomberg's West Side stadium dream."

"The mayor spent much of his political capital over the last three years promoting development of the far West Side -- only to see it all go up in flames yesterday at the hands of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, his ostensible friend in government."

Seifman includes this to-be-sure graph:

"Yet it's by no means clear that Bloomberg will be hurt politically in the long run. Most opposition to the stadium was centered in Manhattan, the mayor's base. And voters who were going to bolt from him because of the stadium now no longer have that as an issue."

The New York Daily News analysis by Dave Saltonstall offers up several political silver linings for the mayor in this no doubt painful public defeat. LINK

The New York Post editorial page believes there is enough blame to go around to all the key stadium players. LINK

The two big questions remaining:

1. What next for Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff?

2. Can someone please explain the Janel Maloney/Megan Sheekey connection? LINK

The New York Post's Campanile Notes Freddy Ferrer's huge Baldick and Doak hires as well as the former borough president's latest poll position. LINK

(Note to Mr. Campanile: John Edwards spent much of 2003 and the early party of 2004 telling voters and reporters that he was running for president, not vice president. We took him at his word.)

The New York Daily News gets Nick Baldick's first quote as campaign manager for Ferrer '05. LINK

"'I'm not a big fan of polls but I think he's had a good couple of weeks,' said Baldick. 'A lot of politics is about momentum and he's got it.'"

Roll Call's Lauren Whittington sizes up the final days of the special election to succeed Rep. Rob Portman in Ohio's 2nd district, where an 11-candidate field has basically come down to a Republican fight between Hamilton County Commissioner Pat DeWine, son of Sen. Mike DeWine, and former Rep. Mike McEwen.

Sen. John Kerry:

The grades are in and John Kerry's Yale transcripts have finally been released, and his marks are similar to those of President Bush in his Yale days, the Boston Globe's Michael Kranish reports. Both men practically have the same GPA. "I always told my Dad that D stood for distinction," Kerry said in a written statement regarding the transcript. Kerry went on to become a top student at Naval Candidate School. LINK

In addition to academic records, Sen. John Kerry authorized the release of his military and medical records. The records of Kerry's service in the Navy Personnel Command are similar to those released during his 2004 campaign, but include commendations from officers who later criticized Kerry's Vietnam service. The file does not provide new information about Kerry's controversial "swift boat" combat actions in Vietnam. LINK


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