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If it makes (some of) you feel any better: the rest of the world is cuckoo-for-coco-puffs over this story too.

While we all wait for the calm after the storm/story, please take a gander at these must-reads:

1. The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper, explaining why some Hill Republicans would like to see an emphasis on popular bread-and-butter issues (gas prices and highways, say), rather than on unpopular, esoteric, and special interest issues. LINK

(To paraphrase their once-and-future leader: Hill Republicans were born at night, but it wasn't last night.)

2. The Washington Post's Mike Allen, explaining (sans Common Cause worldview!!) the mechanics of tonight's amazing GOP fundraiser. LINK

(And with a take so insidery that it uses the term "K Street" with no exposition whatsoever.)

3. The New York Times' Todd Purdum, explaining in news analysisese the politics and substance of the pre-war Blair government memos. LINK

(The Left is unappeasable on this one, wethinks. Send protest-y e-mails, along with (PLEASE) original points only, to

4. The Washington Post's Peter Baker and Glenn Kessler and the Los Angeles Times' Sonni Efron, explaining (respectively) the semiotic terms of the President's meeting with a North Korean dissident yesterday and an anonymous State Department official's semi-official take on where things stand with the six-party talks. LINK and LINK

(If only David Sanger had a blog styled after Kausfiles . . . . )

5. The Wall Street Journal's Rafael Gerena-Morales, explaining the health of state budgets. "State-tax revenue for the July-March period of the fiscal year ending June 30 reached $387 billion, up 9.5% from the year-earlier period, according to a report soon to be released by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, a public research group in Albany, N.Y. Tax collections in the January-March quarter were up 11.7%, the strongest year-on-year growth for that period since at least 1991. The institute also says that if the current pace continues, states are on track to take in a record $550 billion for the full fiscal year, which ends June 30 for most states."

(Not the first to do this story, but nothing could be keyer for '06 and, probably, '08.)

6. The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, explaining why John McCain is in better-than-realized shape for '08. LINK

(Note to E.J., with all due respect: you are about 18 months behind on the terms of the 43-McCain relationship, and inserting the Jeb stuff only served to put you a bit in fantasy land.)

7. Michael Cousineau of the Manchester Union Leader writes that six former New Hampshire governors gathered together yesterday and hammed it up while deliberating on requisite next steps for the state. LINK

(If you are working for someone who might run for president in 2008 and you don't read this piece, your pay should be docked.)

8. The New York Times' Jason DeParle , explaining how well Heritage Foundation interns get treated (the most must-readest of all of these, by the way). LINK

(This story explains more about why the Left is behind the Right than pretty much anything we've read since . . . well . . . since the transcript we obtained of the last time John Podesta had dinner with Joe Lockhart.)

The political conch today is being held -- as it usually is -- by the President of the United States, whose schedule is redolent with meaning, power, and brio.

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