The Note: Right Time, the Right Place, The Right Body, the Right Face

The Des Moines Register reports that an anti-gambling effort is cropping up in Iowa. LINK

The Schwarzenegger era:

Democrats in California's state legislature have thrown up their hands and cried "uncle," abandoning their plans to add billions of dollars in programs to Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposed state budget, and are getting ready to vote for his plan. Instead, they're turning their attention to this fall's special election, reports the Los Angeles Times' Evan Halper. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Marinucci/Wildermuth duo Noticed Gov. Schwarzenegger talked a lot about Prop. 13 yesterday despite the fact it doesn't have much to do with the current ballot initiatives and sensed a strategy forming. LINK

". . .Schwarzenegger made it clear he'll spend much more time talking about his opposition to tax increases than he will about the details of his initiatives."


The Washington Post's Alan Cooperman takes a fascinating look at how some religious leaders, while remaining true to their beliefs, are starting to find ways to look across the partisan gulf to find ground between people on either side of the ideological spectrum who share some common ground. On issues like poverty, hunger, and even gay marriage and abortion, there appears to be a growing dialogue between groups like evangelicals, Jews, and Muslims, Cooperman writes -- but there remains an element of political positioning and advantage that stretches beyond just the altruistic. LINK

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