Transcript: Sen. Zell Miller Interview

MILLER: Well, I don't think he governed as he had campaigned. When I came up here in 1992 and then made that keynote speech at Madison Square Garden, at that time, you remember, Bill Clinton was running as a centrist Democrat. He was going to take the party back to the center. I know the mantra by heart still. Punish criminals, instead of explaining away their behavior. He went down to see the Rainbow Coalition with Jesse Jackson and took [rapper] Sista Souljah on for some of her racist remarks. He talked about changing welfare as we knew it. He talked about the era of big government being over. That's how he campaigned, and that's why I was in that hall, speaking for that man at that time. Unfortunately, he got captured by the liberal element that is so prevalent in Washington and really controls the Democratic Party today, with all those left-wing leaning special interest groups. That administration didn't turn out like I had anticipated it was going to in '92.

‘9/11 Changed Everything’

JENNINGS: You said that since 9/11 everything has changed. Do you really mean the American way of life has changed since 9/11?

MILLER: Oh, yes. Yes. I think right now, since 9/11, I know this great-grandfather thinks this. I worry considerably what kind of world my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to grow up in. All grandparents and great-grandparents do that to a certain extent.

JENNINGS: But how do you think the American way of life has changed? Isn't one of the strengths of the country that the terrorists have not been able to change the way of life America?

MILLER: That's right. Because George Bush wants to change the way the terrorist way of life is, instead of letting them change our way of life. But there's no doubt, there's an uncertainty out there. I mean, all you have to do is drive around the city, or walk around the city, and you see this is not the same New York I used to come up here to.

JENNINGS: What is your definition of carrying the war to the terrorists? Of fighting it on their territory, not on American territory?

MILLER: Well just exactly what has happened by invading Afghanistan, by taking Saddam Hussein out, as far as Iraq is concerned. And making allies with Pakistan and getting things changed in Saudi Arabia. All those things together.

JENNINGS: When President Bush was elected, he described himself as being the uniter and not a divider. Four years later, the country's pretty divided. You'd agree about that?

MILLER: I would agree. I would agree about that, but I don't think it's George Bush's fault.

JENNINGS: What do you think it is?

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