Obama, Clinton Accused of Timidity

Will Cohen's People Stick Together?

While 9,000 Iowans have the potential to affect the state's caucuses, the key to determining whether that influence will actually come to pass is how those supporters are distributed. Iowa political observers warn that the impact of Cohen's group could be diluted if they all caucus in the same precincts because each precinct has a finite number of delegates.

Another key question for Cohen's group is whether the 9,000 who have signed pledges will actually take cues from the group's leadership on whom to support or whether they will be drawn, for example, to Obama for his early opposition to the Iraq War or to Clinton for her long-standing commitment to universal health care.

Asked how he plans to keep his 9,000 supporters onboard, Cohen said the group is planning to personally visit each of them following the November endorsement.

"We're working together," said Cohen, "to hang tough and hang in there and stick with it."

He acknowledges, however, that some may defect: "You can't chain 'em."

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