TRANSCRIPT: ABC News/Facebook/WMUR Republicans Debate

GOLODRYGA: We're hearing a lot, Diane. Actually, thousands of people are debating the debate. And we've picked a few key issues right now we want to talk to you about.

Charlie brought up foreign policy, and so we asked people, are they more informed about the candidates' foreign policy? Sixty-seven percent say yes; 33 percent say no.

Another interesting issue: Is tonight's debate giving you a better sense of who you will vote for? Some people must be saying the right and the wrong answers, because 75 percent of the people answered yes; 25 percent answered no.

And, lastly, this could be the most interesting out of what we found thus far: Which issue do you wish the Republican candidates spent more time on?

Overwhelmingly, the economy came up as first. Forty-five percent said the economy; 13 percent said health care; 10 percent said the war in Iraq.

Now, the economy is a big issue right now. Of course, we got a weaker than expected jobs report, the worst unemployment level in two years.

Recession was not even brought up during this debate. We'll have to see what the Democrats say as far as the boards lighting up to their response on the economy. Also, really quick, we want to give you some real-time sound bites from our sound board right now. People are typing in their thoughts, real time. Health care is a big issue.

Cathy (ph) is a mother. She's saying, "As a mother, I'm most concerned about health care. My family has health care, but I'm distressed for those who don't. We do need a change."

Another issue people brought up was McCain. McCain said he is not taking a bigger part in the debate right now.

So, Diane, that's what we have for you.

SAWYER: So, saying that McCain didn't weigh in enough in the debate.

I've got a question for you. Can I put it on there? Because I've got a spontaneous answer. (inaudible)

Biggest surprise? Anybody surprised in a big way about anything that happened in the debate? Love to hear the answer to that coming up.

GOLODRYGA: And we will get that.

SAWYER: All right.

And our thanks to you, Bianna.

And when we take a break, we will come back with George Stephanopoulos, who's going to examine the Democrats and what's ahead for them in the next debate, as they get ready to join forces, sit down.

And Charlie Gibson moderates.

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