'Something Stirring in the Air' in New Hampshire

"I'm going to be so persuasive that a light will shine through the clouds and say I must vote for Barack and you'll have an epiphany," he told voters in Lebanon.

New Hampshire voter John O'Donnell had his epiphany. "I'm a lifelong Republican who is now a registered Democrat," he said, all because of Obama. O'Donnell admitted that his vote for Obama is mostly a vote against someone else.

The thought of another Clinton co-presidency is an unspeakable horror. "That's why I'm here," said O'Donnell.

But for New Hampshire voter Bernie Folta, the choice isn't down to Clinton and Obama — it's between Obama and McCain.

"I came to see a political master at work and he's good," Folta said of Obama.

Clinton Campaign on the Attack

The Clinton campaign is trying to stifle Obama's momentum and in the past 24 hours has offered a variety of different attacks.

That Obama's New Hampshire campaign chair is a registered state lobbyist; that he voted to fund the troops, even though he opposed the war; that his phone bank happened to call someone on the Do Not Call List.

Today Obama took it all in stride

"In one day, we can say we've had enough of the partisan food fight," Obama said in a speech today. "We don't like the trivialization of our politics."

Today he also stopped briefly at Jack's Coffee Shop in New London. But there was no coffee for Obama, even though he needs the energy. He ordered tea with honey and lemon, to soothe his ravaged voice.

He is already looking way beyond New Hampshire.

"Well Nevada comes up after, that so we want to win Nevada, then South Carolina comes up after that we want to try to win that. Then the Feb. 5 states, and we want to win all the states. And then after that hopefully I have enough delegates and I will win the nomination and I will go to the convention so that would be the sequence of events that we're looking for."

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