McCain Seeks Message, Targets Obama

Republican Victory Fund chairwoman Carly Fiorina said on "Face the Nation," it is "pretty clear that Barack Obama has, in fact, said all along that he would accept public financing. And now he's changed his mind." She hammered the Obama campaign for arguing that his decision was influenced by the activity of outside groups, known as 527s, acting on behalf of Republicans.

Also on "Face the Nation," New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson helped his fellow Democrat by swiping at McCain for siding with Bush last week in calling for offshore oil drilling. "What we have here is Sen. McCain is basically following the policies of George Bush -- drill, drill, drill. Now, the oil companies have millions of acres of leases in America and continental U.S. that they need to drill in. But we need a long-term solution and face the facts, and that is renewable energy," Richardson said.

The subject of energy was the main focus of ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison argued that the U.S. needed to look no further than its own country to help drive down the cost of energy. "The Democrats have thwarted every effort we have made to increase our supply," she said. This is a supply and demand issue. The demand has skyrocketed, mostly because of global increases, and we have not done anything about supply, because we're thwarted in nuclear power, we're thwarted in using our own natural resources. Drilling offshore on a state-by-state option is something that I think we could do very environmentally safely. And yet, anything that says production is killed by the Democrats."

Democratic Rep. Ed Markey of Massachusetts blamed high energy prices on Republicans in Congress for refusing to rein in on energy speculators and blocking renewable incentives for renewable energy programs. He voiced skepticism that offshore drilling would help Americans at the pump, and doubted the special summit on energy in Saudi Arabi this weekend would bring relief.

"It's kind of a sad day in American history. We were given one week's notice to go over to Saudi Arabia today to beg the Saudi Arabians and OPEC to please produce more oil we can purchase," Markey said. "We have 700 million barrels of oil in our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The president should say to OPEC that he is going to begin deploying 100,000 barrels of oil per day out of that Strategic Petroleum Reserve to drive down the price."

Watch the entire discussion, including what Jeffery Sachs of the Earth Institute, and Red Cavaney of the American Petroleum Institute, had to say.

The "Fox News Sunday" host tried to get the pro-choice former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge to say that he will go along with John McCain's opposition to abortion if McCain selects him as his running mate. "I believe what I believe, and I've had that point of view before I got into elected office. I've had it when I served, and I have it now."

He continued, "He feels very, very strongly about that issue, and that's why any conversation we have, relative to that issue or the vice presidency, is something that he and I have to discuss before I ever go down that path publicly."

In the weekly veepstakes "are you running" question that the Sunday talk show moderates ask the guests who are rumored to be on their party's short lists:

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